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LH-Crypto cashback and Marketing plans

December 17, 2018   Bitcoin

Dear LHCoin token holders! This announcement is special for you. We follow our Roadmap and keep improving our cryptobroker. Finally, it’s time for us to send Cashback payouts to our token holders.

Quick reminder:

  • CASHBACK is 5% of all deposits to the broker’s accounts that traders made in cryptocurrencies. You can use the following formula to calculate your Cashback:
  • CASHBACK = LHC*[(In-Out)*0,05]/E , where LHC is the number of tokens you hold (IN – Out) is the amount deposited to the broker’s accounts minus all the withdrawals made from it E – the total amount of emitted tokens = 101 788 634

This formula is given for your reference only, you don’t have to calculate anything on your own, our smart contract will do it automatically.

Technically, CASHBACK payouts are made as follows:

  • Every quarter (every 3 months), on 15th, we’ll transfer the whole CASHBACK amount to a special Ethereum-based smart contract.
  • Within next 3 months every token holder can withdraw his or her share from this account according to the instruction.
  • After the three months are over, the contract is closed and a new contract is published for the next payouts. Therefore, every quarter only active token holders will receive the Cashback.

Attention! The first payout is made on December 15th, 2018. The next Cashback payout is made on March 15th for the payment period December 2018 – February 15, and onwards, every 3 months, as it happens on traditional markets.

You can find the Instruction on this page. A few words about Cashback and our plans for the future. For the first period, our total proceedings (IN-OUT) in crypto has amounted to a relatively low amount of 87’000 USD.

The two supposed reasons are:

  • The broker has only started working, it takes some time to build up a good client base;
  • The crypto market is generally depressed at the moment. Our clients prefer transferring funds in fiat. The traders who replenish their accounts in crypto, whenever they gain profit, try to either withdraw it or transfer it into fiat currencies.

But still, the cryptobroker is launched now, and we believe it is a success. It is only a matter of time, when the interest to cryptocurrencies grows back high, and so does the interest to our services.

Every day brings new registered traders, our trading volumes are growing. After the holidays are over, we are starting a new marketing campaign.

Here are our conservative and cautious predictions. According to our analysts, the cryptocurrencies market will stand upright again in mid-spring. By this time we will have implemented all of our services, increased our trading volumes and the amount of acquired funds. We are also planning to introduce the fee-based premium leverage. This fee is charged in LHCoins, which will make LHCoin even more attractive as an investment tool.


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