KICKICO Ecosystem About to See Launch

July 29, 2019

KICKICO Ecosystem About to See Launch: New Innovative Blockchain-Based Products Are Coming

The development of cryptocurrency and blockchain sectors advances rapidly, with the most recent example being the pending launch of KICKICO's own ecosystem. The crypto crowdfunding platform recently revealed that the launch of the KICK ECOSYSTEM is about to arrive and become the entire crypto community's one-stop solution.

KICK ECOSYSTEM will be based on two functionalities: an exchange ecosystem and fundraising. Crypto fundraising needs to be clearer and fairer, with particular attention on transparency. Not to mention the fact that it must be comprehensive for both, the public and regulators in countries around the world.

Simply put, the new ecosystem will bring an auction-based fundraising model, AIO. This will be the next level of token sale models, and the next step in their evolution. It will move away from IEOs and ICOs. However, the STOs will remain as a token sale option. Furthermore, a new exchange will see a launch in Q3 of this year, KICKEX. Even this will not be all, and KICKICO has promised that a lot more services are on their way to seeing a launch.

KICKICO itself had gone big back in 2017, after Anti Danilevski, a crowdfunding expert, came up with a way of assisting startups with raising a massive amount (800,000 ETH). He managed to raise this from around 70,000 investors, and the new crowdfunding business was born. However, Danilevski did not hold on to a false hope that things will remain as they were. He anticipated that the ICO market is bound to see difficulties sooner, rather than later, which is why he and his team started working on developing KICK ECOSYSTEM about a year ago.

The KICK ecosystem

As mentioned, the ecosystem will bring quite a few features, services, and alike. The first in the long line will be the digital currency exchange solution, known as KICKEX. It is said that the exchange will have some of the lowest trading fees in the industry, as well as the best affiliate programs. After this product sees a launch in Q3 2019, KICKICO will then launch its white label token sale solution called KICKDESK.

The desk will be followed by KICKID — a unified login system; KICKWALLET — a multi-currency crypto wallet; KICKCPA — ad network integration; KICKPAY — a crypto payment gateway; KICKREF — a multi-level referral network; KICKMOBILE — a smartphone app; and a completely revamped version of the KICKICO's own platform.

The platform will be rebuilt from the ground up, with numerous innovations and improved technology.

Naturally, the entire ecosystem will be fueled by the project's own cryptocurrency, the KickToken, which will be improved to serve all the new use cases in the emerging KICKONOMY. In addition, the KICKEX exchange will also use its own KEX token.

Danilevski commented on the new development, saying that the project's goal is to revitalize the way coins and tokens are offered, sold, or bought for token buyers and startups alike. They also wish to solve a number of modern fundraising issues and challenges. The team is still on the lookout for good startup ideas and aims to provide a comfortable, secure space in which they could grow an improve, as well as the investors themselves.

Author: Ali Raza for

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