IMF Launches "Learning Coin"

April 16, 2019

IMF Launches "Learning Coin", Blockstack Eyes SEC Backed ICO

The world of crypto has blossomed since Bitcoin hit $5000 in an early April rush and has stayed above the $5000 line ever since. In fact, many in the cryptocurrency world have proclaimed the crypto winter to be over and that spring has finally arrived. It might not be summer yet though, others warn…

IMF and World Bank create Learning Coin

The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank have joined forces to learn all they can about cryptocurrencies. They have created their own blockchain based project with tokens that have no value aside from being coins. This quasi-currency, as some have dubbed it, will be used by the two organizations to learn about the emerging technology and it will be a private project that is limited to only those two organizations.

Blogs, research, and presentations will be hosted on the Learning Coin network and the coins themselves will be rewarded for people who pass certain educational milestones as set by the network. The Learning Coins received by the participants in the Learning Coin project will be redeemable for other rewards as yet to be decided.

Industry observers have said that by simply offering rewards, even intangible rewards, that are redeemable via Learning Coin means that they have some intrinsic value. There are many who are looking at what will happen as this is a unique way to see if a valueless coin could ever be created, as most theorize that value will come from within the community itself.

Blockstack close to SEC approval for funding charge

Blockstack announced last week that they were seeking SEC permission to do a token offering using the SEC's own Regulation A+ framework. Many see the rejection of traditional ICO avenues as a backstab to the blockchain and cryptocurrency community, while others are excited over the prospect of a token offering that is greenlit by the SEC.

Whatever the outcome, the news was enough to get major institutional members onboard the funding process. Harvard dipped into its hefty endowment fund, which stood at 37.1 billion US dollars in 2017, to purchase approximately 5 million dollars worth of tokens before the token offering was accepted. They were part of a trio of investors who were offered the tokens, and many take it as a sign that the SEC will indeed allow the Regulation A+ offering to go through.

Blockstack sees this move as a pioneer for a new method of raising capital in the blockchain space and hopes that it will allow other projects to piggyback off of its success and create a better investment ecosystem.

Clampdown on ETFs, France issues a new law for long term investment

Abuse of an old SEC loophole has allowed funds that offer blockchain based ETFs to get off the ground without the required regulation. The US securities regulator is looking to close this loophole very quickly and stamp out the behavior that has seen numerous funds escape regulation.

Following a vote by France's National Assembly, investors are now allowed to invest in cryptocurrencies as part of their long-term insurance policies. This will have quite an effect on the current market and could push the bulls to be more aggressive.

Author: Ali Raza for

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