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How to Trade with ChatGPT. Tips and Tricks of AI Trading

21 Jul 2023


The trading world has undergone a significant transformation in the past few years. With new technologies, traders can now analyze market trends and make informed decisions with greater ease and speed. One of the key technologies that have revolutionized trading is Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI has enabled traders to process vast amounts of data quickly and efficiently, which has led to better decision-making and increased profitability.

The benefits of trading with AI include increased efficiency and speed, access to real-time market information, high prediction accuracy, and minimization of human errors:

AI chatbots in real-life trading

So how do AI chatbots work in real-life circumstances? Below are several examples of using ChatGPT for trading:

Using AI chatbots for trading: a step-by-step guide

Choosing the right chatbot

The first step in using AI for trading is to choose the right chatbot. Traders should look for a chatbot specifically designed for trading with a proven track record of success. Many chatbots are available specifically for trading, and the right chatbot for trading will depend on your specific needs and trading strategy.

Key factors to consider:

Popular chatbots to choose from:

Ultimately, the right chatbot for trading will depend on your specific needs and trading strategy, so it is important to research and choose a chatbot that meets your requirements.

Risks and limitations of using AI chatbots in trading

How do FBS analysts use AI chatbots?

FBS analysts, just like FBS clients, are developing daily and trying to improve their trading skills and results. Here are three insights that can make a real difference as you trade.

Create a trading strategy

Let's assume you have two indicators you prefer to use but need to know how to combine them into a trading strategy. ChatGPT can solve this problem.

Here is a dialogue

Isn't it amazing? After 30 seconds, ChatGPT provided a trading strategy with your favorite indicators and suggested the best place for stop loss orders. You can add another two or three indicators, risk-reward ratio, and other data to make the AI create a more detailed answer.

Create a trading bot

After creating and back-testing the trading strategy, we want to automate it and create our first trading bot. You can create trading bots for MT4 or MT5 using MQL4 or MQL5 languages. Describe your strategy as clearly as possible and pick the programming language. In our example, we will use the strategy from the previous paragraph.

After ChatGPT built a code for our bot, testing it before using it on a real account is essential. However, isn’t it a great tool to dive into the EA niche without programming knowledge?

Ask anything

We suggest you treat ChatGPT as an experienced friend with most of the world’s knowledge about trading. Asking questions to ChatGPT will save you time and allow you to get detailed answers in the shortest possible time, increasing the speed and level of your learning. For example, what time to trade XAUUSD? Ask the bot, and you will get a great answer.

Note that the answer can be even more accurate if you include your trading style, for example. Go ahead, try it, and share your results in the comments!


AI is a powerful tool that can significantly enhance trading efficiency and accuracy. It can provide real-time market data, analysis, and recommendations, leading to better trading outcomes and increased profitability.

However, there are risks and limitations associated with using chatbots in trading, including over-reliance on technology, technical issues, limited availability of reliable data, and privacy and security concerns.


Can ChatGPT trade better than humans?
Can ChatGPT trade better than humans?
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