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GraphenTech Combines Two Superpower Technologies

08 Apr 2019

Blockchian is not the only technological concept that is set to revolutionize the modern world. But, despite our limitless adoration for blockchain, this innovation in itself can be applied only to so many areas. However, the mutualistic symbiosis of two disruptive solutions can make all the difference that is going to kick the technological progress into high gear. To paraphrase the known idiom, two technologies are better than one.

The Dutch project called GraphenTech intends to combine the untapped potential of graphene with the possibilities provided by blockchain to grant access to this genuinely amazing technology for institutional and private investors alike.

What is graphene

Graphene is a derivative of graphite. It is basically a 2-dimensional form of carbon, which consists of a single layer of atoms of this chemical element, where each group of atoms is disposed in a hexagonal lattice that is reminiscent of a honeycomb.

Graphene was first discovered in 1962 by a German chemist Hanns-Peter Boehm. In 2010, physicists Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov were awarded the Nobel Prize for conducting successful experiments with graphene.

As for the physical properties of this material, the size of a graphene layer is one-millionth of a width of a single human hair but, at the same time, it is almost 150 times more durable than steel. But, unlike metal, this material can be folded or expanded without extensive effort. It is also characterized by superior electrical and thermal conductivity, a close to absolute transparency, impermeability, and excellent lubricating qualities.

Graphene has an incredibly broad spectrum of application which ranges from transportation, as a component part of supercapacitors for electro cars; electronics through the significant improvement of circuitry capacity; medicine due to graphene’s good compatibility with biomaterials, and construction by using graphene flakes or reinforce the metal alloys.

GraphenTech and the 77G token

GraphenTech is a Dutch company headquartered in Rotterdam which operates under the license obtained from the Chamber of Commerce of Netherlands. As of now, GraphenTech is in the process of transitioning to a holding company.

The company’s master plan is to establish two factories: one in Europe and the other in South America, in order to boost the annual production of graphene up to 350 tons, which would be sufficient to satisfy the current market demand. The company has also set itself an objective of securing the 20% of global production volume by 2030.

The major distinguishing feature of GraphenTech lies in the fact that the company actively implements blockchain in its line of operation for the purpose of ensuring traceability of distributed graphene, the transparency of all financial operations and, most importantly, the genuineness of the obtained material since there are plenty of instances when some shady companies try to pass pulverized graphite off as graphene.

To attract the additional funding, GraphenTech organizes the ICO of its security token called 77G that is compliant with the ERC-20 standard. The holders of the token are subject to receiving shares of the company, they can also use the tokens to purchase graphene products or trade on the dedicated cryptocurrency exchanges.

ICO details

The GraphenTech ICO is an ongoing event which will end on May 27. The current price of one 77G token is established at $0.01. Tokens can be bought with crypto as well as fiat currencies with the minimum purchase being only one 77G token. GrapheneTech will organize an airdrop later this year. Citizens of the United States are not allowed to participate in the ICO.

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