Fortnite-Like Game Bitcoin Microtransactions

October 28, 2019   Bitcoin

The blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies had already established a strong foothold in the industry of video games. We have already seen the solutions that emulate crypto mining and trading, attach real value to the in-game virtual items like skins and artifacts, and reward developers for their contribution to the gaming space. However, the full incorporation of cryptocurrencies wouldn't be complete without the creation of the opportunity for gamers to capitalize on their skills and experience. In other words, players must be afforded the possibility of earning crypto while playing.

That is precisely what Satoshi's Games, an international project that has created a platform named Elixir, for the blockchain-enabled 8-bit games, intends to do - let people earn crypto on the basis of superior gaming skills in their upcoming battle-royale game, which would be conceptually similar to Fortnite, a globally popular shooted-survival online game that was released in 2017 by Epic Games.  

Shoot straight and earn BTC

The announcement of the upcoming game was made by Satoshi's Games last weekend at Lightning Conference that took place in Berlin. The shooter has already been dubbed Lightnite, the name which is derived from Lightning Network and Fortnite. The developers said that Lightnite is a big leap from the rather simplistic 8-bit games, already featured on the Elixir platform, in terms of graphics, gameplay, and rewards scheme. In fact, Satoshi's Games would be the first ones to enable the Lightning Network microtransactions during the gameplay.

The gist of Lightnite is quite simple yet innovative. It will be released in the form of a battle royale game where players are being dropped on the map with the minimum equipment and weapons at their disposal. Over the course of the match, the participants can explore the surroundings, steal or otherwise obtain valuable items, and, of course, gun down their opponents until there is only one man left standing. But what sets Lightnite apart from a host of similar games is that the players would be able to earn small amounts of Bitcoin after each successful kill.

But there is also a twist: apart from trying to shoot with a marksman's precision, the players would have to be extra careful about the survival capabilities since the rules of the game stipulate that a certain sum in satoshis is to be deducted from the player's account if he gets shot by an opponent during the match. There are other ways to earn cryptocurrency, for instance, by scavenging the map or looting the bodies of dead enemies. The content of the player's wallet is displayed continuously on the game screen, with the corresponding changes occurring instantly after he kills and robs someone or gets killed. Gamers can also buy various in-game objects and weapons with BTC at the Lightnite store.

Instant withdrawals and free mode

Another distinguishing feature is that the players won't have to grind for hours before reaching the required withdrawal limit. Any amount of BTC that is present in the player's wallet upon the end of the game can be withdrawn to the personal wallet in an instant thanks to the Lightning Network.

 In order to start playing for BTC, the gamer would have to make an initial deposit of no less than $20. However, Satoshi's Games will also allow those who don't own crypto to try out the exciting shoot-and-loot in the so-called Bitcoinless mode for free before committing any real money to Lightnite.    

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