BAT tipping comes to Twitter

August 5, 2019   Basic Attention Token

Tip or Tweet: Former ICO Champion - Basic Attention Token (BAT) - Now Allows Tipping on Twitter

Basic Attention Token (BAT) has seen a lot of popularity in the last two years. The token is known for having one of the fastest ICOs in history before Binance Launchpad came. Back in May 2017, BAT sold all of its tokens in under 30 seconds, raising $35 million along the way.

For the next two years, the project was working on integrating BAT into its native browser, Brave, and allowing users to tip content creators. Now, the browser and the token are taking the next step, by allowing Twitter users to tip one another with BAT coins.

BAT and Brave

The Brave browser's Twitter tipping comes after its beta phase, according to the company's recent blog post. The browser has been in development for quite some time, and it was originally created by Brendan Eich, the co-founder of Mozilla and Firefox.

Brave browser comes as a response to ad bombardment, allowing users to block them by simply using the browser. The browser comes with an ad-block, 3rd-party tracker block, and scripts block. It also blocks cookies. Instead of allowing advertisers to force internet users to watch ads, Brave gives them an option to do so only if they want to. Not only that, but it also provides an incentive by granting BAT rewards for those who choose to engage with ads of their own free will.

Obviously, the company's goal was, and is, to create a more equitable profit distribution model that would include advertisers, users, and content creators. At the same time, it cuts out the middlemen, such as social networks, and other large websites that were previously charging large amounts of money for displaying ads.

The Brave project developed its coin a few years ago, eventually holding the token sale in May 2019. The ICO sold 1 billion BAT in 30 seconds, as mentioned, while the company held on to an additional 500 million BAT. The addition of the coin to the browser allowed Brave to delve deeper into the world of micro-tipping, which was promised back in its white paper.

BAT tipping comes to Twitter

To celebrate the launch of Twitter tipping, Brave is sending 100,000 BAT in total to all Brave desktop users who still cannot receive Brave Ads. However, Brave also announced that Twitter is only the beginning. The company is planning to move to other platforms in the near future as well, including Reddit, GitHub, and Vimeo.

Twitter is also not the first platform to start offering BAT tipping, as video platform YouTube, and the streaming platform Twitch already supports BAT tips. As for Twitter, the tips icon is placed next to the Retweet and Favorite features.

In addition to manual tipping, Brave also offers auto-tipping, meaning that users can set automatic tips for their favorite creators, and even determine how often the creator is supposed to get tipped. Of course, to make use of any of this, the user has to use the Brave browser and to turn on the Brave Rewards feature.

For the moment, Basic Attention Token is the 32nd largest cryptocurrency on the market, with the price of each token currently sitting at $0.235988.

Meanwhile, micro-tipping continues to grow among crypto communities, and especially within Bitcoin's Lightning Network. There are also numerous other, independent projects such as, that are launching similar Bitcoin-based services.

Author: Ali Raza for

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