Asgard Protects the Environment Using Blockchain

March 4, 2019

Although blockchain is an intangible virtual technology, its wide community can’t turn a blind eye on the problems of the real world, particularly the matters that concern environmental protection. While some projects make an indirect contribution to resolving the ecological issues, for instance, developing the computation algorithms that would reduce the level of consumed electricity during mining, there is one team that has chosen to concentrate its efforts on finding solutions for specific environmental tasks. It is called the Asgard Eco Fund, short for ASGARD Decentralized Cryptoecological Fund.

The company was founded by Oleg Zhokhov, a Russian entrepreneur and the owner of Arabian Manufacturing & Financial Group (AMFG), and Nikolay Galochkin, an experienced manager and eco-activist. It is important to note that both founders of Asgard have passed the KYC procedure on the major ICO reviewing platforms, such as ICOBench, Foundico etc. thus adding an extra degree of reliability for their project.

Oleg Zhokhov got involved in a constant battle with the environmental pollution way back in 1989 when he found a small company called BLITS B which produced gardening goods from the recycled plastic garbage. The business has been expanding over time up to a point when in 2012 it entered the international stage, which translated into the establishment of MAG Group International, a company that gathers, transports and recycles solid waste. The head office of the company is located in Dubai, U.A.E. hence the location of the Asgard blockchain project.

This proves the devotedness of Asgard’s founders to the fight for making the planet less polluted with solid waste, which quite an admirable cause.  

Asgard Eco Fund’s mission and blockchain implementation

The Asgard platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain and utilizes its smart contracts to launch and finance ecological projects of different scale using its native ERC-20 crypto token called ASGARD (ASG). The ASG token is not minable. 

The team launched this project with the following mission in mind:

  • First and foremost, they want to give an incentive to people to make an effort to find and disclose the places where the undeclared waste dumping occurs, as well as other instances of environmental damage;
  • The platform could be used for initiating and managing various crowd investing projects related to environmental protection;
  • The Fund will also provide financial means for addressing and removing the factors that cause environmental damage;
  • Use the platform to sell different goods made from recycled solid wastes.

From the software side of things, Asgard is currently developing an interactive decentralized application that will become available to all members of the ASG blockchain platform. The app will include the data storage of all visual material related to the undeclared waste dumping (photos, videos) uploaded by users and the ASG interactive map which shows all solid waste sites and the progress achieved in their elimination. Once the data is verified and stored on blockchain, it will become accessible to the general public in order to raise its awareness of the ongoing environmental problems.

ICO details

The Asgard project is currently conducting a pre-ICO which will last till the 31st of March. On April 1, the Fund will launch the 30-days long ICO with the soft cap established at $1.3 billion and the hard cap - $5.2 billion. One ASG token is currently priced at $0.16. The Fund offers 25 billion ASG tokens for sale. Crypto enthusiasts with large social media following can also participate in the ASG airdrop program.

All major ICO reviewing platforms gave the Asgard Eco Fund favorable scores:

  • Foundico - 8.5 out of 10.
  • IcoBench - 3.3 out of 5.
  • Foxico - 8.4 out of 10.
  • IcoMarks - 8.3 out of 10.

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