Blockchain Life 2018

14 September, 2018

The co-founder of Bitcoin Gold will speak at the key blockchain and crypto currency forum Blockchain Life 2018

European entrepreneur, engineer-innovator Martin Kuvandzhiev will share his unique experience with the participants on the international forum Blockchain Life 2018. Martin is known as the co-founder of the most decentralized crypto currency among bitcoins - Bitcoin Gold (Bitcoin, included in TOP-30 Crypto-Coinmarketcap), founder of Cryptoapps Ltd, a member of the Board of Block projects of Credits and Depository Network, a leading developer in the financial and technical project Phyre. In his speech, Martin will talk about what risks contain blockchain technology and highlight the most realistic and key attacks on this technology.

You can find a list of all Blockchain Life 2018 speakers and buy a ticket before the rise in price at the 15th of September on the forum's website

Organizers continue to receive applications for participation in the independent industry award - “Blockchain Life Awards”. The nominations are:

List of all nominations and details are here

Applications for participation are accepted until 28th of September. The ceremonial awarding of the winners will take place on the main stage of the Blockchain Life 2018 forum.

The international forum Blockchain Life 2018 will be held on November 7-8 in St. Petersburg.

Organizers: Sergey Hitrov, - output of projects on crypto-exchange, rating agency

Link:   Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin Gold
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