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I wouldn’t want to appear too accusive before getting a more detailed insight into the technical aspects of Zeux’s NFC payments, which they have failed to provide in the whitepaper. However, when getting all jolly about the “secure mobile payments”, they tend to forget to mention the transaction time and the fees that users would have to pay when, for instance, buying a coffee with Bitcoin through Zeux. We all remember the times when the fees in the BTC network skyrocketed to $50 per transaction and people had to wait hours for it to go through. I am not completely sure how Zeux is going to deal with that problem.

Terry   June 29, 2019  

The project has a simple goal, but one that is quite difficult to achieve. However, it came up with a working project, a solid vision, and it has an excellent team. The idea itself is very good, and the plan to introduce an app that will allow payments in fiat or crypto is likely to attract a lot of users, including those who are willing to go crypto, but unsure whether or not they should do it. Now, they will have a safe way of trying it out, which will eventually build up greater confidence, and bring in more future traders and investors.

Cal   June 7, 2019  

The project has received excellent ratings from the community, as well, meaning that there is already a lot of support for it. As a result, it is likely to perform rather well, especially now, when the rise of altcoins is expected to come.

Peter   June 1, 2019  

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