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I could agree with the rest of the commentators that WinWinCoin has set itself an ultra-ambitious goal, though it is not unachievable. They only need to partner up with several globally renowned casinos to get things going. Once the gamblers find out that there is a token that eliminates most of their problems, they queue up to get some WWC. They just need to see the evidence of the viability of the WinEx exchange and the accompanying network. However, I would refrain from investing in WinWinCoin before reassuring myself that they are not scammers.

Sean   July 7, 2019  

The guys from WinWinCoin are a bit delusional about their goals, or they deliberately try to lure the gullible investors into a trap. My biggest question to them is how are they going to ensure the liquidity of the WinEx exchange given their intention to provide for unlimited withdrawals? I think that is a straight invitation for various money-laundering schemes. All these Jackpots are just an attempt to pull the wool over investors’ eyes.

Megan   June 23, 2019  

WinWinCoin addresses all the right problems in this industry. We, the players, stand to gain a lot from the implementation of blockchain and tokens on gambling platforms because it creates a safe environment, provides a sufficient degree of anonymity, and expedites all financial transactions. I like their Jackpot feature, it is a good marketing move. The fact that WinWinCoin developed a bespoke exchange signifies their strive towards meeting the players’ needs.

Dennis   June 21, 2019  

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WinWinCoin Unifies the Gambling Industry The emergence of blockchain created a new facet of the online gambling that may well be capable of resolving a string of issues which have been impeding the development of this industry. WinWinCoin is one of the startups that try to jump on the blockc...

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