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SerenitySource is an Australian project that created a patented technology, which is based on the comprehensive use of blockchain and smart contracts. It allows the project to act as an energy retailer which gathers the data related to the household energy consumption.

26 days left


IdeaFeX is a French startup that created an innovative three-component investment platform where users conduct financial operations with tokenized physical assets. The components include a marketplace developed on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain, an auction, and the cryptocurrency exchange.

14 days left


Curate is a fashion discovery platform built on the foundation of the Ethereum blockchain by the international team of fashion experts, marketers, and blockchain enthusiast.

80 days left

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VRT World
VRT World

Developing the VRT platform will be the team’s main priority for approximately six to eight months. At the same time, we will start building a network of VR parks based on full-body tracking technology, which will fuel initial demand for the platform. We plan to start the construction of the V...

Top 10 upcoming ICOs

Rating Days, left
SerenitySource 5 26
IdeaFex 4.9 14
Curate 4.9 80
AssetStream 4.9 179
Ledder 4.9 210
Tixl 4.8 27
BitWings 4.8 118
WEARVR 4.7 26
Arena Match 4.7 78
PrepayWay 4.7 88


Top 10 Cryptocurrencies

Price, USD 24h 7 days
Bitcoin 9 573.220 -0.29% 4.67%
Ethereum 238.320 0.65% 14.97%
Tether 1.000 -0.02% -0.25%
XRP 0.204 0.29% 2.87%
Bitcoin Cash 249.450 -0.15% 7.03%
Bitcoin SV 195.510 -0.43% 4.66%
Litecoin 47.040 2.12% 7.67%
Binance Coin 17.370 0.90% 5.45%
EOS 2.680 -0.02% 5.21%
Cardano 0.085 11.26% 54.03%