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Vivid Reviews

Rickthe1st September 19, 2019
Vivid is a fine product, but only in theory. Judging from the fact that the token sale will be over soon and there's no access to the official website, this project had flopped. That doesn't come as a surprise because the competition in the niche of crypto tracking and market prediction applications
It appears that Vivid simply decided that they won't be able to bring this product to fruition and ceased their operations. Hope they had the decency to refund ETH which people invested before the startup went sour.
John August 9, 2019
Even though many applications serve the same function as Vivid, we need even more than there already are. The thing is that all these projects are always trying to come up with some interesting, and sometimes very helpul, features which might be of service to an avid
Therefore, Vivid deserves a trial run of at least a couple of days. I’ll be waiting for their MVP to see whether this app could be useful.
Gabriel July 22, 2019
Personally, I don’t see how Vivid is different from any other crypto application. It has all the basic features and nothing unique, really - just a combination of Coinmarketcap application and Twitter in its primitive form. That’s what I’ve learned about the project by
I can’t offer you any further opinion on Vivid because of being unable to access the website to read the additional info. So far, Vivid is placed in the category of projects which gets forgotten the next day after you read its whitepaper.
Floyd July 5, 2019
Couldn’t access the website, so I had to rely on the info provided in various reviews. To be frank, the idea that Vivid tries to push forward is confusing and unsubstantiated by any viable products. The project members didn’t pass KYC. So, to cut it short, I think that Vivid severely lacks credibility.
Colin June 23, 2019
The AR for crypto portfolio might sound like an interesting idea but I doubt it will find any practical use and wide acceptance. Not to mention that the field of competitors is overly crowded right now, with literally dozens of lookalike projects that promote a similar
Besides, Vivid doesn’t provide for an interactive live demo, trying to foist a video demo as if it’s a viable product. The team doesn’t have a single advisor while other members didn’t pass KYC. Vivid might catch up on these issues as the work progresses, but I wouldn’t invest in this project in its current state.
Candice June 21, 2019
The project has a decent white paper, as well as pretty good media coverage. Its team is not that bad, but it apparently lacks advisors. As for the project's idea, it is an interesting one, although it remains to be seen if it is actually practical and relevant for mass usage.
Kurt May 15, 2019
As mentioned earlier, the project also has quite a lot of competition, as similar apps for portfolio managing are many, but few of them are good quality products. Due to these and a few other issues, the project has received average ratings, without impressing a lot of people. It still remains to be seen how its ICO is going to perform, though.

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