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I tend to judge the seriousness of any given project by the presence, or the absence, of far-reaching goals. Therefore, whenever I decide to invest in a crypto project, the roadmap is my first go-to place. I never trust a startup that doesn't present a detailed plan for at least the year ahead, with three years being ideal. Regarding UChain, they have only revealed their plans for the current year. Perhaps they do have a decent tech solution on paper, but lack proper planning for its realization. That's not good enough for me.

Ron   August 10, 2019  

The professional profile of a project founder is probably the most important factor, which I take into consideration when analyzing new blockchain startups. That is why the first thing I did when my personal crypto advisor told me about UChain - was that I went to the LinkedIn profile of its founder Ian Yu. To tell you the truth, I was unimpressed. I am a firm believer that successful startups have CEOs who are totally immersed in a particular area of business. This guy, however, seems to be the jack of all trades: software development, filmmaking business, bicycles, and now sharing economy. Sorry, but I am not sure whether he wouldn’t abandon UChain sooner or later in pursuit of some new aspiration.

Maria   July 26, 2019  

The first thing I do when doing research on a project that organizes an ICO is checking out their social media profiles. I reckon it to be one of the best indicators of the real interest of the crowd towards the idea that the team is trying to sell. So, I did the same with UChain and found out that their activity in this area is mediocre to say the least. They do have a decent Twitter following, but that’s about it. Given that the offered concept of sharing economy is rather trivial, I would give this project 2 out of 5, and move on to another one.

Gene   July 7, 2019  

So far, the project has received quite a praise by individual investors. While there is a serious lack of information, which is concerning, since the ICO was announced more than a year ago, there are still a few facts that can explain positive reactions. For example, the project has quite a strong and experienced team, as well as advisors.

Serge   July 5, 2019  

It also has the potential to actually solve the issues with data abuse and the lack of trust, which would be extremely useful. Finally, it has strong tokenomics, although it wouldn't hurt to make their vision clear, and add a long-term plan.

Daniel   June 14, 2019  

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