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The ideal blockchain-based banking system is too complicated to be described in such simple terms as it has been done in the UCBI whitepaper. Nevertheless, I don't invest in projects with 100% viable tech or a concept that could disrupt some industry. My only interest is the potential for a pump at the initial stages of exchange listing. I won't tell you the exact reason, but UCBI has the necessary characteristics of a pumpable token, so I am going to keep watching it until the last day of the token sale.

TooSmart   January 11, 2020  

I have visited the Twitter page of UCBI Banking and found out that they had posted only 98 tweets, the last of which was more than a few weeks ago. That speaks volumes about the project's attitude towards its product as well as potential investors, which is utterly negligent. Who on Earth would invest in a project that has such a pathetic social media presence? I reckon that would be only fools and horses.

Yannick   December 14, 2019  

Here we go, another little known startup that tries hard to sell us the idea of blockchain-based banking. Didn't we see all that many times before? Where are those revolutionary crypto banks that promised to "disrupt the space" and "make the world a better place"? They are nowhere to be seen anymore - the same would happen to UCBI Banking. I went to their Twitter in search of some news about the ecosystem development and such, but found only reposts of some random crypto-related articles.

Crypto_Dog   November 27, 2019  

If anyone is going to introduce a properly operational and, most importantly, popular banking ecosystem built on blockchain, that certainly won't be UCBI. This company is just too unprepared, underfunded, and understaffed. Plus, they are going to be eaten alive by the regulators in any jurisdiction other than their current one. Establishing a banking network requires organization, planning, connections with regulators, and the understanding of the current needs of both banked and unbanked people. UCBI appears to be missing most of that at the present stage of development.

Ray Luppario   November 3, 2019  

The creation of a global cryptocurrency bank is one of the most important destinations for many projects in this space, because without it, the crypto would remain largely a means for tax evasion and money laundering. With all due respect to UCBI Banking, I can see that these people have put tremendous effort into bringing their ideas into light, I don't see them arriving at that destination, because they are still at the stage of concept development and presentation while others already have the fully (or at least partially) functioning ecosystems.

Emmanuellll   October 5, 2019  

The idea of creating a blockchain-based banking system has been circling around for years, but not a single project seems to have made any significant progress in this regard. UCBI seem to have a viable idea, and they have proven it by hitting the softcap. But, once again, it is a very tough space they are about to enter, with plenty of regulatory troubles, so you would have to be 100% sure in this project to invest even 300 EUR.

V1ct0r   October 2, 2019  

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UCBI Banking
UCBI Banking

UCBI: Global Blockchain Banking System UCBI is the London-based blockchain project that has a goal of creating a decentralized data bank that should bridge the gap between the crypto space and real economy, and provide users with access to innovative banking technology. The title of the project...

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