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It's very suspicious that the professional profile of Pablo Orlando, a person who's said to be the chairman and the president of Ubanx, doesn't have a single mention of this startup while featuring the whole bunch of other projects, like Bluesmart and Avenida. In fact, only Janes Cochesa, the Head of Operations, has Ubanx listed as one of his places of occupation. Needless to say that it's a gigantic red flag that suggests that I should steer clear of Ubanx.

Cryptonoid   September 25, 2019  

I don't understand why Ubanx forces me to register an account to merely access their website. Well, obviously, they want my email address in order to spam me with junk newsletters. That is one cheap marketing trick, which is also a big turn off for me and other visitors. And from this Ubanx review, the project doesn't offer anything unique and appealing enough for me to give out a piece of personal info just to browse their website.

Cooper   August 10, 2019  

In other words, the project has a good goal, but bad execution, which could be more than enough to cause failure.

Dennis   July 30, 2019  

The project has a good team, although it might do even better if it got a few more blockchain and ICO experts. However, it did make a fair share of mistakes. It has no marketing, or business planning, nothing to encourage people to invest. They also lack social media activity.

Nelly   July 30, 2019  

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