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The business idea itself, presented by Timeless Luxury Group, is captivating and promising, but I have certain doubts regarding the ability of this team to see it through. No offense, but these people don't appear to be experienced enough to carry out the project of such magnitude. The construction of a big resort and chalet is this particular location is a very costly and somewhat risky endeavor. This is a very narrow niche, so if one can't get a big enough customer base right away, he is basically screwed.

Dj Brady   January 8, 2021  

Owning a chalet somewhere in the Alps is one of my dreams because I like luxury and adore the mountains. But if I can't own it (which could also be impractical), I definitely can rent it, and that's why I took an interest in Timeless Luxury Group. I am not sure whether I would invest in this particular company, because I don't find their business plan to be reassuring, but it showed me the way in which I could move my money.

Zoey B   February 27, 2020  

Timeless Luxury Group AG wants to start providing posh retreat services right on the brink of the inevitable financial crisis. That is like buying Bitcoin in January of 2018, right as it had hit $19K - I hope you are getting my point here. Only a fool would invest in the development business right now, let alone the development of an infrastructure of luxury retreats. Needless to say that nothing good will come out of Timeless Luxury Group, but hey, I am not a financial advisor, so suit yourselves.

$teve   November 17, 2019  

Just like common people have virtually no idea of how wealthy people work and live, common investors cannot distinguish a promising project with a seemingly complicated or expensive one. I see many people claiming that luxury tourism is incapable of generating substantial profits. You can't be any more wrong, my friends. Timeless Luxury Group has a lot of potential for the ultimate success, first and foremost, because the company has access to one of the most beautiful spots on the planet, which will definitely attract the most solvent of people.

Finnochi0   October 31, 2019  

Renting the luxurious apartment properties seem like a conservative business to me. Although it could provide a steady income stream, giving the right organization and management, it hardly provides any change for relatively fast and substantial profits, since that's all what crypto & blockchain is about. Therefore, I can't consider Timeless Luxury Group a promising investment, only as a means for getting a good discount on hideaways and yachts. So, Michael Gossl shouldn't expect big money coming from investors who aren't considering Wilder Kaiser as their traveling destination.

Jeepers Cryptors   October 3, 2019  

I couldn't find any reliable information about people behind Timeless Luxury Group. The whitepaper doesn't even have that specific section whilst it is of immense importance for every crypto project that organizes an ICO. Or do they expect us all to know who Michael Gossl is, what's his professional experience and so on? Excuse me, but the pictures of fancy homes and yachts won't suffice in convincing me that this startup is worth even one Satoshi of my investment portfolio.

MisterClause   August 26, 2019  

I know this place, Wilder Kaiser, where Timeless Luxury Group plans to build its resort. I have been there a few times on holiday with my family. A beautiful spot on our planet, indeed. I also know that the price of land there is high beyond belief. Therefore, I am not sure how this project is going to cover the cost of construction of the entire resort. Moreover, there are only four or five months suitable for construction works in this area, so I can only imagine how long it would take to finish that piece of real estate. I think that this idea is associated with huge risks.

Gustav   July 28, 2019  

I am not sure who would invest in the project like Timeless Luxury Group, or any other startup that deals with high-end tourism, when there are so many other opportunities for getting an incomparably greater return on the investment in a much shorter time span. Besides, as far as I know, this particular segment of the business is stalling at the global scale, which comes as another reason for me to refrain from investing in this project. In think, the only people who would benefit from purchasing the offered tokens are the customers of that company, but from an investment standpoint, Timeless Luxury Group is a dead end.

Anna   July 9, 2019  

I have been to Austria a few times, and I am convinced that it is an ideal country for doing business related to the industry of luxury resorts. I need to find out more about this project, maybe establish direct communication with Mr. Gossl because I’ve been meaning to invest in a similar project for a long time. Should the founder of Timeless Luxury Group agree, I will make a flight to Wilder Kaiser to see the location of the future resort with my own eyes. I know that some people might be skeptical about this particular kind of business, but it will remain profitable as long as there are wealthy people.

Douglas   June 24, 2019  

Timeless Luxury Group is the definition of a niche-specific project that will be capable of attracting funds only from those who know Michael Gossl personally or have faith in his ambitious project. There are plenty of opportunities to invest in real estate, even using crypto, so I don’t see any reason for myself to invest in a posh resort that hasn’t been built yet. Besides, the global luxury market is not a booming one, so one shouldn’t expect high returns on his investment in this business.

Cody   June 15, 2019  

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Timeless Luxury Group
Timeless Luxury Group

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