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The way I see it regarding the overwhelming majority of ICOs is that people just come up with some ideas that might be appealing to investors who aren't very picky, wrap it around is a hastily concocted website and whitepaper, and then just promote it by any means possible, hoping to get past the softcap. At least that's how I imagine Tenzorium did this thing. The inaccessible website, the lack of verifiable info about the team members, and little to no social media presence hints at the imminent failure of Tenzorium.

Iceman_18   September 26, 2019  

I believe that the team has for some reason abandoned this project. The Tenzorum official website is currently inaccessible, the founder didn’t even bother to begin the KYC process, and the last post on Twitter dates back to December 16, 2018. It appears that all their ambitions about bringing the decentralized Internet to people went bust, so there is not a single reason to continue reviewing this failed startup.

Linda   August 10, 2019  

It is apparent to anyone who is at least a tiny bit familiar with the blockchain technology that it will become an integral part of the World Wide Web, and IoT in particular, sooner rather than later. But would Tenzorum become the project that puts this concept into practice? I guess we will have to wait and see. So far, I haven’t noticed anything extraordinary about this project, but I will keep monitoring its progress.

William   July 24, 2019  

When I first saw that Tenzorium is building the decentralized Internet, I thought that they snatched that idea from the Silicon Valley sitcom. Just kidding, I reckon that this project presents an interesting concept, though one that would be extremely difficult to implement. Not with the funding that they want to obtain from the ICO. Guys, $6.7 million wouldn’t be enough to keep your project afloat for half a year. All in all, I think that the grandiosity of the idea doesn’t match Tenzorum’s capabilities.

Seth   July 6, 2019  

The project's vision and goal are great, and highly necessary in order for the blockchain tech to take the next step on its way to mainstream adoption. The project also has a pretty large team, with five additional advisors, all of which were verified, so there are no issues there. However, it does appear to lack a white paper, which might simply be modified at the moment, but it lacks one all the same, which many might take as a red flag.

Dana   July 1, 2019  

Despite the need for a bridge between the traditional and decentralized internet, the project did not receive particularly brilliant ratings. However, it was announced back in 2018, during the crypto winter when many were extremely suspicious towards ICOs, which might explain the lack of trust and optimism.

Alanis   June 12, 2019  

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