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Despite the fact that TecraCoin declares all the right intentions about the necessity to invest in science, it is my firm conviction that this project is going to fail eventually, simply because they don’t have a sound plan with regard to the market acquisition and promotion of graphene. It looks all good on paper, but in the real world, no one is interested in graphene, or at least not prepared to acknowledge its obvious benefits. And I don’t really see how TecraCoin plans to convey the message about the importance of their efforts and innovation to the general public. That is a major turn off for me, tough TecraCoin could have been a great project for investment.

Damon   July 15, 2019  

After a brief sting at the British Government Office for Science, where I worked as a senior advisor, I can assure that the situation in our scientific field is as close to being dire as it gets. All these social benefits led to significant cuts in spending on science and research which consequently forced many labs, and prominent scientists for that matter, to virtually scrap for pennies. I don't consider myself as a specialist in blockchain, in fact, I have a rather poor understanding of the technology and its application, but I do understand and fully support the concept introduced by TecraCoin. The scientists need the support of private investors because they have no hope left for government assistance.

Janine   June 29, 2019  

It is my strong belief that Tecracoin is an amazing project. Finally, someone understands the importance of investments in science. It baffles me, how the entertainment industry and sports are capable of attracting billions of dollars while the best minds on our planets are oftentimes working for peanuts, not able to find a mere million for research that has a potential to change our lives. I am convinced that scientists should be supported by all means possible, so it wouldn’t be hard to guess that I am in full support of Tecracoin.

Ethan   June 20, 2019  

I have so many people running around, telling me about graphene will revolutionize the world. I might be an amazing and truly useful material, but they need to get real. It’s the same thing as with oil and green energy: until we have huge transnational corporations that thrive on oil, and in our case - steel and other metals, people from Tecracoin and many other similar projects are going to be marginalized. Bottom line, the tech itself is great, but don’t expect any return on your investment for at least a couple of decades.

Richard   June 13, 2019  

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TecraCoin: Financing the Future of Science Tecra is the name of a Polish project that had elaborated a blockchain platform aimed at raising capital for the purpose of commercializing the cutting-edge technological products with the special emphasis being put on graphene.  Naturally, any...

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