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I wonder how Svandis plans to verify the data that's being fed to it by the contributors. In other words, how it's going to distinguish fake news, stories, analysis from the real ones? I would love to know more about the verification scheme that Svandis plans to implement. So far, it appears that Svandis might turn out to be an informational junkyard that would mislead traders rather than help them make an educated decision.

mary   September 10, 2019  

I have serious doubts about the projects like Svandis because they are reminiscent of Telegram groups that sell the "real, well-calculated, timely, and profitable" trading signals, which, for the most part, turn out to be total BS. Saying that you will gather a "community of researchers" is too vague of a statement to lend credence to Svandis. Please be so kind as to reveal the identities of these "researchers", so we, the potential investors, would know whom to blame for future losses or to praise for future gains. Remember, when it comes to the financial advice of any sort, it's all about trust and credibility.

Irene   August 6, 2019  

Svandis indeed offers a very interesting solution that might be of immense help for traders at some point in the future, maybe in five or ten years time, when the crypto market becomes more mature. However, as things are right now, Svandis will not be able to predict the market behavior with sufficient accuracy mainly because this realm is still prone to blunt manipulations by whales, which makes it nearly unpredictable. Nevertheless, investing in Svandis would be a wise move because it would become a magnificent tool once the market finds some points of stabilization.

Peter   July 19, 2019  

The solution stack offered by Svandis is indeed impressive. Should these features be as good as they promise, Svandis would become a life savior for the novice crypto traders like me. Probably, there is no need to remind you how confusing the world of crypto is for those who are only getting familiar with it, so to have a tool like Svandis that would deliver the essential information in a comprehensible way is immensely helpful. Apart from trading, I also plan to invest in promising startups and could really use the info provided by the ICO and token sale screener.

Lance   July 3, 2019  

So far, the project appears to have a pretty good vision. It is definitely something that is necessary for any investor and trader who wishes to make calculated decisions, instead of simply blindly guessing what to do next. It is not unique, as mentioned earlier, but it has a chance of becoming successful, as launching a platform like this on top of a blockchain will mean additional security, transparency, and quality of information.

Garru   July 2, 2019  

It also has a pretty strong team, as well as a good number of advisors, in addition to a 23-page long white paper, which any potential investor should study carefully before deciding whether to invest in this project or not.

Shelly   June 20, 2019  

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