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Allow me to disagree with the people who criticize the idea of developing a world-wide decentralized student community. That's exactly what students need because the mentioned essay writing services and course-selling websites are just doing it for profits, without having a real understanding of student needs. However, it appears that Spitball won't become a linchpin of the "blockchainized" global student society. Judging from the fact that their official website can't be accessed and the profiles of key team members are also unavailable, it would be safe to assume that Spitball has either took a pause or ceased their operations.

Athlete74   August 26, 2019  

I would fully vouch for the project that offers solutions regarding repayment of student debt, or finding a good job while still in college. That would have been a great project. But trying to sell the idea of student economy, where they just exchange some notes and share their experiences - it’s just not interesting to anyone. Or they could have offered the essay writing services, which student bought for tokens. Here are some good ideas off the top of my head, but Spitball chose to offer the lamest one.

Clyde   July 28, 2019  

The idea proposed by Spitball is beyond trivial. There are so many similar platforms on the Internet, that do not force the users to go through the trouble of obtaining tokens. Perhaps Spitball would have made a decent local project, for instance, at the level of one or several state universities, but an attempt to make it a global blockchain project is doomed to fail. Especially given that these guys have apparently given up on it since I can’t access the official website, while the social media activity from Spitball is virtually non-existent.

Lisa   July 9, 2019  

How many more such projects do we need to get educated? But these people didn’t even bother to concoct a decent whitepaper or a pitch deck. They have just laid out an idea that has been realized many times over supplemented by a basic notion of token economics. Not even as much as indicate the time frame for the ICO. I just wonder what guys from SpitBall are hoping for.

Ethan   June 17, 2019  

Additionally, many of them have known financial hardship throughout their lives, and an easy method of obtaining funds, knowledge, and materials on a dedicated platform is likely to attract many.

David   May 15, 2019  

The project is not really unique, and there are many of them targeting students in one way or another. However, that does not mean that it does not hold potential. Students, who dedicate most of their time to studying new things, whether it is theoretical or practical knowledge, are in a unique position to accept new technologies, such as crypto and blockchain.

John   April 23, 2019  

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