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I am convinced that every ardent crypto enthusiasts must understand the importance of hardware wallets not only for the security of funds, but also for the trading activities. Only fools would trust their crypto to centralized exchanges and allow them access to the private keys. This makes solutions like Spatium of the highest essence for the management of digital assets. However, this startup has immensely strong competition in the face of Trezon, Ledger Nano, and KeepKey, so it would be tough for them to grab a piece of the market.

$warzewhiter   August 26, 2019  

Although the product itself looks quite impressive, and is backed by a decent technology stack, I don’t think that Spatium has what it takes to make it big. The most likely scenario is that their idea would be duplicated, with some minor twitches, by some bigger company, which would steal the glory. That is an example of how a project with an interesting product can’t realize its potential due to the lack of proper marketing efforts.

Patricia   July 28, 2019  

The Spatium card-like wallet is definitely an interesting device in terms of design, which must look ultra-cool. It also seems to be okay functionally, but what concerns me is whether or not this project holds potential to compete with the renowned brands like Ledger and Trezor, which may not look as stylish as Spatium, but can definitely boast a proven track record. I don’t see any significant marketing efforts from the team, which means that there is a high probability that Spatium would remain a great-looking thing that nobody wants.

Terry   July 9, 2019  

The Spatium wallet is a truly impressive device from both technical and aesthetic point of view. Perhaps that’s how the crypto wallet of the next generation should look like. The technical specifications are also convincing, especially the offline signing, keyless signing, and inheritance transfers. I am a bit concerned about the team, though, because their track record consists mostly of Eastern European projects and none of the well-known ones in the US. But it doesn’t mean that they are incapable of developing a revolutionary product.

Eric   June 26, 2019  

As mentioned, there is not much to go on in regards to the project's details at this time. It certainly has a great vision, and there is much demand for a product such as this. The project seems to have quite a large and diverse team, as well as a few great advisors. However, it has yet to publish its white paper, and until it does - it is not safe to assume anything.

Gary   June 26, 2019  

If the white paper doesn't show up and the ICO gets officially announced, it will not be wise to participate. After all, this is only an ICO, not an IEO, and the missing information is a big red flag for the moment. It is possible, and even likely, that the information is simply not published yet, which is why interested investors should regularly check for additional info.

Burton   May 2, 2019  

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