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When reading the whitepaper of the SEED project, I got very strong antiglobalist vibes from that team since the document had numerous mentions of the project's intention to confront the "big multinationals" for the right to use the CUI tools and develop the AI economy that includes designing bots. It is like they are having a vendetta against the corporations or something. Although their technical solutions appear to be quite interesting, I am not fond of their confrontational attitude, which is inherent to some asocial cyber geeks.

Lee   August 10, 2019  

One can’t underestimate the importance of bots for the future of online customer service. As the SEED team rightfully points out, it would be absolutely unacceptable to let a gang of transnational corporations to usurp this prospective segment that promises super profits for the creative and industrious developers, like myself, who have tons of brilliant ideas boiling in their heads. Not to mention their ACTR standard for 3D avatars, which is pretty mind-blowing in its nature, at least judging from what I\ve figured out after checking its prototype on GitHub.

Olaf   July 24, 2019  

All bot developers out there, let me assure you that SEED is the platform you’ve been looking for but couldn’t find because it simply didn’t exist. As one programmer to another, this solution is going to make our jobs that much easier thanks not only to the data exchange feature, but also to such a marvelous thing as the SEED Greenhouse. It is a distributed application that allows me to set licensing terms and even directly connect my products to the customers’ services. Big ups to the guys from SEED, you did a great job!

Owen   July 6, 2019  

I fully appreciate the fact that bots are playing an increasing role in various areas of online business and such, and I think that SEED has very solid fundamentals. But even though this platform is advantageous for the developers of bots and other similar pieces of software, I am not fully convinced that it will reap a lot of benefits for the investors. At least not in the short run. The reason for that is simple and logical: CUI development represents a narrow sphere of business with tough competition. Therefore, I might refrain from investing in SEED, although they are okay tech-wise.

Barbara   June 20, 2019  

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Seed Token Project
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