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To me it looks like the use of SaTT tokens is too limited to make it a profitable investment tool. It might be interesting for advertising professionals but not for large audiences.

Visc   December 30, 2018  

SaTT project has my total support and I have already contributed to it with my hard earned cash. Digital advertising market is enormous, in 2017 only it generated 247.87 billion USD. Being part of it I am sick and tired of poor control of advertising campaign results, and with SaTT Smart Contract advertisers will be able to evaluate the performance of campaigns on a totally new level. Read the Whitepaper, it's a dream of any marketing or PR guy come true!

Z0lm   December 28, 2018  

The SaTT is a token utility based on the blockchain that allows exchange of advertising and audience payment. The SaTT is regulated by a Smart Contract which lists advertising offers in the Ethereum blockchain, sets the conditions for participation in campaigns, quanti es the success of campaigns, and guarantees the nal remuneration.

Zedd   November 30, 2018  

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Smart Contract based ICO SaTT, started in 2018 in USA, is intended to change the relationship in advertisers’ and content editors’ ecosystem. The idea of the project is creating a campaign by advertisers with results conditions chosen by them. Afterwards an influencer is expected to resp...

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