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Review.Network Reviews

Wendy August 6, 2019
I don't know what the future holds for Review.Network, but the touch upon a very crucial problem that our society of consumerists. Please note that I am not using this term with a negative connotation. Although we, as the consumers, have to be smart and honest about the
Being honest means that we must make, and demand, truthful feedback and reviews from all e-commerce platforms. And Review.Network will help us achieve that goal, so this project can count on my support.
Jeremy July 21, 2019
When I was reading the whitepaper of Review.Network, I couldn’t help but remember the YouTube videos called “What if *someone* always told the truth”. They are hilarious, but my point is that the truth nowadays is as rare as gemstones. Regardless of how you try, people and companies will always lie
Especially the companies, since the ultimate goal for the majority of them is not to create a quality product, but come up with a way to sell it. But it doesn’t mean that this problem shouldn’t be addressed and can’t be resolved. Keep up the good work, Review.Network!
Tracy July 4, 2019
Review.Network is doing a great thing. Eradicating fake reviews should be the number one goal for honest online retailers who value their reputation. I abhor these huge online platforms that stoop to publishing misleading review only for the sake of boosting sales. I don’t
Network will hit it big or not, but I will make my modest contribution to this project as a show of gratitude for trying to solve this horrendous issue.
Brian June 16, 2019
Review.Network has embarked on a noble quest, the result of which will be beneficial to all consumers. Although, I am not sure how their cooperation with businesses would go, because large companies, who would consequently become the biggest contributors
Network ecosystem, already have plenty of focus groups and other means for market research that are trustworthy and void of fake reviews. I don’t really see how this project will attract them, whilst the investments from individual consumers will hardly be able to keep the entire Review.Network afloat.

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