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It is evident that Refine Medium offers an interesting solution, however, the concept of the blockchain-based video-sharing platform is not new. The crypto community already has DTube, Verasity and a handful of other outlets. But Refine Medium does offer some interesting solution, for instance, the role of innovators as well as moderators is quite appealing. This project has the potential to form a decent pool of users, however, they would have to provide something extra to attract really serious investors and content makers.

Leonie   April 20, 2020  

Excuse me, but this business with moderators reviewing the content and deciding which goes to the platform or not is very reminiscent of censorship. I didn't find anything new or groundbreaking in Refine Medium. Just a plain old video streaming platform which creates the illusion of creative freedom, camouflaged with the hot words "blockchain" and "token". I wonder if anyone would come up with a platform that's free of any restriction with regards to the content. That's certainly not the case of Refine Medium.

critch   September 6, 2019  

Social media platforms have obviously entered the era of "blockchain-loving", thus we see the startups like Refine Medium pop up ever so often. I can assure you that the influencers, and the armies of their followers, are eagerly migrating from the traditional platforms to these alternative ones, mainly because it like a totalitarian regime right now on YouTube. People get banned, demonetized, and demoted left and right. So I wouldn't be surprised if Refine Medium manages to gather a substantial audience. They just need to get an endorsement from some big-time YT influencer and the users will start pouring in.

Gia   August 6, 2019  

Given how badly YouTube treats the vbloggers now, it is no wonder that soon it will lose a significant bulk of its user base to the likes of Refine Medium. Speaking of this project, I think that the overall idea that they are trying to market is fine, but these guys are making a dire mistake by giving so much power in the hands of moderators. Viewers need the freedom to decide what content they want to consume. Personally, I don’t need some moderator to decide whether I need to see some video, even if it super weird, or not. This will become the point of failure for Refine Medium.

Byron   July 11, 2019  

My attitude towards Refine Medium is ambiguous because on the one hand, I am really fond of content-sharing platforms with blockchain at their foundation. But on the other hand, I do not feel comfortable with the fact that this platform is based on a strong hierarchy, which totally contradicts the very spirit of blockchain with its decentralization and absence of controlling authorities. In this case, the developers get to pick the moderators, who will then decide what content is worth publishing. That is a recipe for the totalitarianism in content creation, not the liberation that blockchain suppose to bring.

Claire   June 16, 2019  

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Refine Medium
Refine Medium

Refine Medium: Better Version of YouTube Refine Medium is a decentralized social video platform designed by a group of Indian experts in the field of online media and blockchain development, who are poised to correct the unfair treatment of content creators and users by the contemporary enterta...

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