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I have checked all profiles of Promether team members and I must say that they left a very good impression on me. Take Eric Anderson, for example, the project's founder and CEO. He's a software engineer with a strong background in blockchain and game development, specializing in C++ and Java. It is very important for me to know that all key team members have their skin in the game. That's exactly what's Promether is about. Certainly, the project still has miles to go before achieving any significant recognition, but I am sure that they will get there eventually.

JuliaFox   October 3, 2019  

Ending the era of total surveillance is a genuinely noble goal because, currently, the privacy of every single individual who uses the Internet is under serious scrutiny. Therefore, Promether is doing the right thing here. I find the features of their decentralized privacy network, like the absence of fees, encryption, and has graph architecture, to be really interesting. One thing that I don't like, though, is the lack of a working product. These innovative solutions tend to be super buggy at first, so I need a sneak peek before considering Promether as an investment opportunity.

Mar10   August 22, 2019  

The technical solutions presented by Promether is interesting, and the problem that they address is super important. After so many scandals regarding data breaches and leakage of personal info, including private communications, from the centralized servers of big companies, the time has come to go as deep and anonymous with our data as possible. Promether may well help us with that. I am not an investment guru to tell you how the project might turn up financially, but I am certain that their product will be of some use for people like me.

Neil   July 28, 2019  

Promether certainly has a vision worth pursuing, as online surveillance is one of the largest problems that the world is currently facing. Security and online privacy are endangered, and all other potential solutions have either failed or have yet to show any real results. With that in mind, a project such as this might be the next big hit, should it prove that it can do what it promises.

Vlad   July 12, 2019  

Promether has a strong team, as well as many excellent advisors, which will certainly serve it well in the long run. It also has a 53-page-long white paper which explains the project's goal and purpose in detail, so anyone interested in helping it grow by investing in it should first study it thoroughly, and then decide for themselves whether or not it holds the potential to change the world.

Fred   June 11, 2019  

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