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PointPay Reviews

PointPay Reviews Openspace September 24, 2021
I use pointpay with my best friend (we share 1 account) and it's great to earn money on it. Within a few days both of us can take money for a trip to London J Easy and helpful – it is all about pointpay, by the way they added new feature - its up 30+% APY per day.
PointPay Reviews Dalida September 23, 2021
Heard that pointpay is a scam and I can't believe my eyes - only with mobile app ive earned about 1 thousand euro yesterday I wish people stop this and give other users really helpful info. Pointpay is not a scam!
PointPay Reviews BKaw September 20, 2021
Will be a good project. great team. to the moon.
PointPay Reviews Kerwin La Chapell September 17, 2021
PointPay started off great, but lately I am having difficulty find out where 90% of my investment disappear too. Only my Tron cryptocurrency intact, but for the PXP token investment not matching up.
PointPay Reviews Lidiya_Koshmina September 14, 2021
I rarely write positive reviews on cryptocurrencies and banks, but IMHO I think Pointpay is the best. it hasn't complicated usability and helps me to cash out in my own currency (SNG)
PointPay Reviews _LegenDa_ September 8, 2021
To me pointpay is a good opportunity to earn money for uni and my whole life even if you don’t know how it’s works recommend you to begin. It won’t cost you much, but you will know how everything works. With pp I use some books of cryptocurrency and invest. It helps me to prevent the bets result.
PointPay Reviews noisy boy September 7, 2021
Pointpay scam or not? Plz can someone tell me why I earn above average with it or their scam is in other actions. I've used it in 2 different ways - to sell and buy cryptocurrency. Since March od 2021 I saw some difficulty with service, buy they told it is just engineering works. BTW they really upgraded it and refresh ws design.
PointPay Reviews Sandra September 7, 2021
If someone will tell you that pointpay is a scam, don't believe them because they are lying, prepare yourself that work on pp is not too difficult, but it’s not easy at all. If you don’t list lack of your mind, you will earn more than 10 000 per month.
PointPay Reviews superman September 3, 2021
I’ve using pointpay for 1 year and will continue it cause I’m obsessed with it. When I could imagine that my life will turned on 180 degrees? Never, until the end of 2020! I wish I could find something like that little bit earlier, so I could spend most of my time in luxury.
PointPay Reviews beautiful illusion September 1, 2021
I work on pointpay for 3 nonth. since whole time I’ve earned about $6-7k. Some people say that pointpay is scam, If it’s true ima not a good trader. lucky to see lots of positive comments.
PointPay Reviews Jenna September 1, 2021
Idk bout this service more, cause sometimes I see comments like «pp is a scam», otherwise I can check another ones, but with real screenshots of PO. So it's too difficult to find the truth. If you guys know probably bout PointPay and it's not a scam, tell me. Thanks.
PointPay Reviews Amber queen August 31, 2021
You are so rude, but I agree with you in the crypto bank there are lots of interesting options for trading, but I also want to invest in Tesla stocks, not only Chevrolet. hey, pointpay, we are waiting for updates and new features.
PointPay Reviews Peter Swon August 26, 2021
I've got AUD, but problems do not always arise. like I wait small amounts for several days, but I can withdraw several thousand dollars in a few hours. the bank says that the problem may be in my card or account, but bit*h it is strange that they list second ones at once.
PointPay Reviews Jack August 25, 2021
I am passionate bout new design and strongly reccomend everyone to fuck of if you think that pointpay is a scam. I really want these guys wipe haters' eyes and let us to trade and buy unique crypto. I understand that it takes time and money, but I want to get something exclusive and not invest onle
yup it costs a lot, but professionals need different service. add something else.
PointPay Reviews Vic August 18, 2021
Those of us from the 3rd world countries understands the difficulty involved in making international payments with our local bank cards. Most merchants just reject our credit cards outright, as they can't even verify that the address of the card owner matches with the address registered with the
PointPay has broken these barriers, supporting our local currencies, and allowing us access to the PointPay platform for loans (without credit check), and payment services. PointPay is banking the unbanked, and creating room for us to easily participate and engage globally.
PointPay Reviews LittleHappy August 16, 2021
Honestly speaking? This is my first investment in cryptocurrency ever and as bold as it seems I actually ended up choosing PayPoint after I read about them and did
Do I think I did something risky? Yes! Is it worth it? Yes! I hope nothing but the best for the team, they raised 50M for this project we can’t help it but have high expectations, I’m sure they’ll proof themselves!
PointPay Reviews busti August 15, 2021
pointpay is a 5 star product, best of the best. i love it, and all features, such a great bank.
PointPay Reviews Crypto enthusiast August 12, 2021
Pxp is a good long term hold. Has the capability to be like celsius and nexo. The only people talking shit about this are the moon bois and those "who want get richquick without putting any time or effort into anything" folk.
PointPay Reviews ComputerBlue August 11, 2021
I've been using PointPay over a year. Great concept. staff have been reponsive. Most people that have issues. Based on what I've read. here in Alabama we call them impatient. This isn't a getrichquickcoin. this is an application and platform. a hybrid so to speak that hasn't been done before. I get it.
I'm not a shill and I don't work for PointPay, but I do have almost 20,000K in my account because I believe they are on to something. Investers and gamblers are not too far removed from each other. I'm a little of both. If that describes you, I suggest you give PointPay a try.
PointPay Reviews Red August 7, 2021
To all investors reading these they just make fun of us! If it is listed my whole Group will all-in EXIT with these *** coins.

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