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PointPay Reviews

PointPay Reviews Crypto Shark April 9, 2021
PointPay is the first in the world blockchain-based bank enabling people to open crypto checking and crypto savings accounts and earn daily compound
PointPay Crypto Exchange offers convenient custom trading UI with market, limit and stop-limit orders for PROs and Quick Exchange option along with helpful video tutorials for beginners. With PointPay Crypto Wallet you can send crypto to your friends via email and conveniently track price changes in your cryptocurrency portfolio. With PointPay Payment System customers can buy most popular cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, USDT, XRP, LTC, etc.) directly from debit and credit cards for USD, EUR, GBP, etc. The sell option with lowest fees is also available for USD, RUB and UAH.
PointPay Reviews Gerald April 5, 2021
With the use of PointPay blockchain-based bank you can easily send crypto funds to your friends or relatives. They will receive them within a few minutes already. PointPay Payment System allows selling crypto funds and receiving conventional fiat money to a credit or debit card: USD, EUR, GBP, RUB and many others.
PointPay Reviews Carlos March 16, 2021
PointPay has developed its own native offchain technology which enables you to send instant transfers to your friends and partners between Bank, Exchange, Wallet, Payment System and mobile crypto banking applications by PointPay.
PointPay Reviews Know1tAll January 19, 2021
PointPay is a cryptocurrency banking platform. It disrupts the traditional bank model by enabling low-cost and instant fund transfers across the globe using our native offchain technology and PointPay token (PXP). 1.5 billion people worldwide don’t have both financial literacy skills, and an access to banking services, but they
By purchasing PointPay token (PXP) you invest in the future of global crypto and blockchain Education through PointPay Crypto School. As a reward for contribution to World Education, PointPay token (PXP) holders get the right to earn higher yields (up to 20% annually) on a progressive scale on PointPay Blockchain-based Bank with Checking and Savings Accounts. Furthermore, PointPay token (PXP) holders are entitled to send instant payments within PointPay products with lower commission as well as trade on PointPay Crypto Exchange with reduced fees. Finally, PointPay token (PXP) holders get an access to premium video tutorials with advanced trading strategies where we explain how to make money in the crypto market. Just one account for all the products!
PointPay Reviews Greg October 15, 2020
As now the project is growing, the team attracts new users with many bonuses. I took part in Bounty, Airdrop, Referral program (and I continue to earn
So even you are not an active trader, I recommend creating an account on PointPay right now to receive bonuses and referral %, that's an easy way to make money in our difficult times. About the PointPay ecosystem itself - to have really low fees you need to buy (well - or receive as a bonus) PXP tokens. Commission they charge from users with tokens and without tokens are different. Good luck to all PointPayers.
PointPay Reviews Know1tAll October 14, 2020
After getting a better insight into the issues with the Ethereum network, with all its scalability problems, time bomb, and clogging, I decided to disregard the fintech startups that offer the products on the basis
I reckon that Stellar, EOS, or even TRON, are far better platforms in the long run, though they are currently underperforming in comparison to Ethereum. That is why stopped reading the PointPay whitepaper after getting finding out on which blockchain they have built the three-faceted ecosystem.
PointPay Reviews Michael August 18, 2020
I like this project, but especially I respect their team. These guys are so professional and talented. And I’m so happy that the project is run by them. Good luck and thank you for such an incredible platform!
PointPay Reviews Paulo August 6, 2020
In the past, I was skeptical too. I started to use PointPay after airdrop when I get free tokens. But then I’ve understood they combine all the best features from both DeFi (P2P payments, crypto-backed loans) and from centralized banks (% interests for crypto). It is a really
I am sure they will be popular in Europe very soon.
PointPay Reviews Liam August 3, 2020
I like the idea of having four products in one system. It’s very comfortable and easy to trade on their platform. Behind this wonderful project works a very friendly and professional team. I asked for a call with CEO and Mr Svyatov contacted me the next day. He was very nice and explained me
Project and team are recommended and trusted.
PointPay Reviews Dorothy July 28, 2020
Thank you for having integrated fiat-to-crypto for the US recently, now I top up my balance with ApplePay. I am a long-term holder, and in PointPay cryptobank I can not only save my cryptoassets, but even increase them. Highly recommend saving accounts.
PointPay Reviews Crypto Dragon July 27, 2020
I like their exchange, it's fast and reliable. Haven't tried their bank yet, but I'll definitely open an account to receive 15% interest! BTW their videos on YouTube helped me a lot, as I'm new to crypto. Also they have very good technical support and guidance. Highly recommended!
PointPay Reviews Kate July 6, 2020
I keeped my eye on PointPay half a year ago! The greatest feature is that you need only one account for wallet, bank and exchange! Outstanding solution! YouTube video tutorials helped me get started with crypto faster and start making money on the exchange!
PointPay Reviews Steve July 3, 2020
I'm very impressed with the project idea - to combine all the products in one ecosystem. Moreover: for the first time I see a working prototype of a cryptobank. Wonderful job, guys, but it's still much more to be done!
PointPay Reviews Aurora March 12, 2020
I have two points of concern regarding PointPay, the first being the very serious issues with the scalability of the Ethereum network. You probably remember how it got totally congested because of the Crypto Kitties game - a simple game, while we are talking about a fully-fledged banking network here. It won't work
0 is launched and fine-tuned. The second issue lies in the immense opposition from central banks towards similar innovative solutions.
PointPay Reviews User120984 December 12, 2019
When I first saw the introduction to the PointPay project, I was nothing more than skeptical. "Ah, here is another crypto bank that boasts about disrupting the financial sector - so boring," I thought to myself. But after getting a better insight into PointPay and its ecosystem, I have
The team has already rolled out a functioning cryptocurrency exchange and digital wallet, which is uncommon for most ICO projects.
PointPay Reviews NIcky J1 November 11, 2019
I wouldn't place too much hope in the platforms like PointPay that are built on the Ethereum blockchain, mainly because of its scalability issues, which are well-known throughout the crypto community. Sure, right now, Ethereum is one of the best solutions for the issuance of tokens
But pretty soon, the problems will begin to show, and they would be especially acute for PointPay and other finance-related projects because of a significant reduction of transaction speed.
PointPay Reviews XeniaX October 12, 2019
PointPay is merely the next one in the long line of blockchain projects that try to establish a foothold in the realm
None of them managed to achieve any sizable results, mainly because they fail to understand that people will keep distrusting such startups unless the proper regulatory framework will have been developed and implemented. Cryptocurrencies are a fun instrument for speculations, but they don't constitute the reliable assets, around which the global banking ecosystem should be built.
PointPay Reviews Alonzo September 23, 2019
PointPay has a large and competent team with a pool of reputable advisors; the financial plan and the roadmap implementation strategy appear solid, too. However, PointPay tries to serve the dish that we’ve seen on the menu
Literally every month I stumble upon a project that claims to have developed the “first-ever” crypto bank that issues debit cards and so on. None of them were able to capture the attention of the global audience, and I see to prerequisites for PayPoint to be any different at that point.

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