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Invoice factoring and discounting represent splendid financial instruments, which could be exploited virtually by any savvy businessman. Therefore, Pcore has chosen the right playground for development, but I tend to notice a handful of issues with this project. First of all, they didn't present a working prototype, which is a crucial factor when trying to attract substantial funds. Secondly, their team appears to be massively understaffed and lacking real professional in the field of blockchain development. Pcore needed another six months or so to develop an MVP and polish their business pitch.

Shannon   August 3, 2019  

If you asked me to characterize Pcore in one word, I would say that it is raw. While the concept is genuinely interesting and applicable in the real world, the rest of the components haven’t been properly prepared for the token sale. That may lead to dire consequences for the project, because many would perceive such haste as the desire to get funding asap, without presenting a viable product. This tactic may have worked in 2017, but the investor has become a lot smarter. So, I doubt that anyone would invest 100 ETH or more without seeing at least an alpha-version of the platform.

Jude   July 30, 2019  

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Pcore: Blockchain Platform for Invoicing Operations Pcore Limited is the London-based IT company that is currently working on the development of the blockchain-based smart platform that enables transparent peer-to-peer invoicing. The employment of smart contracts, as well as the PII protocols a...

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