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PavoCoin Reviews

Cynthia August 6, 2019
I was so curious about how PavoCoin plans to assign a serial number to each individual plant, for instance, on a cornfield where there are tens of thousands of plants. But their website is not accessible, which leaves me only guessing whether or not that would
On the other hand, why would one need to store information about the crop and its growing process on a blockchain? It's not that it requires the immutability or anonymity. To tell you the truth, since PavoCoin is tailored for the cannabis industry, their concept looks like it had emerged from the haze of smoke.
Basil July 18, 2019
Right now, I am in the process of selling my farm in Kentucky and moving to Argentina where I also plan to buy a farm, only a much bigger one. My point is that Pavocoin, and other similar projects, will do great things for my business, especially if the business is being conducted
You have probably heard about the deals in crypto between the governments of Argentina and Paraguay. That’s is what I call forward-thinking, and that is why I think Pavocoin will do great.
Dylan July 1, 2019
Pavo is one shady project - they don’t even have a working website, so I would have to trust the information written in the review. This whole scheme involving data collection from crops
And even if they do have a working product, wouldn’t it be immensely expensive to install, launch, and maintain this network? I seriously doubt that anyone, except maybe for some huge agricultural consortiums, would afford to pay for the Pavo’s concept. But there only a handful of them, so how can this project ensure the driving force behind its token? I guess that question is rhetorical.
Alexis June 29, 2019
It appears that the blockchain industry is having some kind of fixation on the agricultural sector, because I have seen similar projects popping up like mushrooms over the
I have studied the available information about Pavo - as much as I could find elsewhere, because their official website is out of order - and came to a conclusion that it is fine in general, though some of its aspects are a bit ridiculous. Like a proposition to attach a sensor to every plant - that is completely opposite to being cost-efficient. All in all, PavoCoin didn’t spark much of an interest in me.
George June 28, 2019
When it comes to the project, there is a major difference in opinion. Many believe it to be a scam, and even some websites ended up posting warnings about it, calling it a 'suspicious ICO.' There are those who are not impressed with it, as well as a few people who are very excited about it.
Kravetz June 5, 2019
The project has done the KYC, and its soft cap is certainly realistic. It also has a strong and big team, as well as 20 advisors. However, the ICO was announced over a year ago, and it has not yet been held or even scheduled, which can be
It is possible that the team delayed it due to the crypto winter, but the situation is certainly looking up these days, and there are still no updates on the time of the token sale.
David May 16, 2019
Investors are, of course, free to invest in any project they want. However, there are some red flags regarding Pavo, so caution is highly advised.

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