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The fact that there are only eleven or twelve days of token sale left and ParamountDax is barely reaching its softcap speaks volumes about the prospects of this project. Probably because it was tailored for the Italian audience, otherwise, I can't explain why the guy in the videos on the ParamounDax homepage narrates about the benefits of this crypto exchange in Italian. I don't want to sound discriminatory, but, come on, the majority of your potential users speak English, so please try to convey vital info in this universal language.

Nina   August 6, 2019  

I like the 46% profit share feature and the provided referral benefits, but ParamountDax didn’t convince me that they will assure absolute security of my funds, if I decide to use this platform for trading. We all know that hackers are becoming more unscrupulous and skilled by the year, so it should be the number one priority for any crypto exchange to build a state-of-the-art security system even before the initial launch. Unfortunately, ParamountDax appears to be more concentrated on profits than resistance to cyber threats, which is not good enough for me.

Jerome   July 19, 2019  

The Over-the-Counter trading feature is something that will distinguish ParamountDax from other cryptocurrency exchanges. We are launching a crypto venture capital firm soon, and I was assigned the task of finding a fledgling trading platform to do business with. I reckon that ParamountDax fits the profile perfectly. Our firm will manage a portfolio of around $50 million and we will definitely benefit from the OTP trading, and the profit share feat for that matter. We have already stacked up on PRDX and awaiting the platform launch.

Franco   July 3, 2019  

ParamountDax serves as a proof that crypto exchanges are moving in the right direction. The fact that it is already licenced is definitely a plus. I don’t really like the necessity for the IP verification, simply because it is a bit inconvenient, though I understand that safety comes first. I won’t reap any benefits from the OTP feature since I usually trade with no more than 2 BTC, but I understand that it is important to attract institutional investors to the crypto industry, and OTP is the way to go. The profit sharing program is also a cool addition - I think I might qualify for the Silver level.

Valery   June 15, 2019  

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ParamountDax: Licensed & Profit Sharing Crypto Exchange ParamountDax is a cryptocurrency-to-fiat exchange that has already been accredited by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of Estonia, even prior to its official launch. The project obtained two licenses: the first one s...

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