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It's only four days left in the ICO and Nevix only managed to fulfill their financial target by 10%. Obviously, we can scratch this project from out shortlists of interesting token sales. I think that the main reason behind this relative failure - I am certain that the guys at Nevix are immensely talented and will find another place to apply their business skills - is that the team chose to focus only on the Asian market, instead of trying to reach the global audience. Filmmaking is all about being able to reach people across the world, and it seems that Nevix didn't factor it in.

NickyLicky   September 20, 2019  

Nevix is obviously a failure. I have just checked their website, and they managed to raise only 10% of the targeted funding goal. With only two days left until the closure of this ICO, Nevix will never manage to attract enough funds to continue their development. Sorry, guys. Better luck next time!

George   August 8, 2019  

When was the last time you saw an Indonesian movie? I would say never, though it doesn’t mean that I am going to diss Nevix here. The fact that these guys probably would never hit the global scale doesn’t mean that the project doesn’t hold any potential to rule the local market. On the contrary, Nevix is a shining example for moviemakers in other countries of how one can develop this industry without relying on big studios or government financing. The projects like Nevix will help to reimagine the way how films are made, which is a positive thing for the global culture.

Edwin   July 22, 2019  

The general idea presented by Nevix is fine, the team members seem to be competent in what they are doing, and the sales pitch is also in place. Too bad that this is the project that is oriented on a very limited market. The guys from Nevix should have aimed for a more global reach if they wanted to attract the likes of me as their investors.

Fabian   July 5, 2019  

Although the idea presented by Nevix is not unique as there is a host of projects that aim to disrupt the movie industry. However, I like the fact that their ideas are presented in a concise manner and to the point. Too bad that their initial focus is on the Indonesian market. Otherwise, I would have invested a moderate sum. I have always thought of myself as a creative type, so devoting some money to filmmakers would have been the right move for me.

Brad   July 1, 2019  

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Nevix: Blockchain Platform for Moviemakers  Nevix is a crowdfunding platform for the filmmaking industry that was developed by a group of Indonesian entrepreneurs, film producers, and IT system developers on the basis of the Waves blockchain and utilized the Leased Proof-of-Stake (LpoS) al...

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Сryptocurrency CVIX Price Change, 24h
Bitcoin 51 $49 162.52 1.80%
Ethereum 62 $1 531.76 -0.02%
Cardano 65 $1.17 4.75%
Tether 1 $1.00 0.09%
Binance Coin 87 $227.10 -1.03%
Polkadot 75 $33.87 -4.12%
XRP 73 $0.462900 -1.01%
UniSwap 74 $27.60 -1.52%
Litecoin 64 $181.27 1.07%
Chainlink 67 $28.01 0.36%