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Judging from what I have read, Negexc is rather a crypto exchange of the past generation. Maybe news and trends travel slowly to Indonesia, or wherever these people are, but guys at Negexc need to wake up to reality. You can't impress anyone now with discounted trading fees and cold wallets as a form of custody for trading funds. I don't really want to keep on particularizing all their flaws. It's not worth my time.

Tiffany   August 6, 2019  

In my book, Negexc would surely be labeled as a scam or an outrageously negligent project. Sorry guys, but your whitepaper and the way you present your idea is just pathetic. In what way are you the “Next Generation of Crypto”? Well, maybe if no one has ever heard of crypto exchanges among your audience before, then you could be called that - otherwise, please do something to appear at least a tiny bit more presentable or change your marketing message to something like “Just your ordinary crypto exchange. Created for hillbillies”.

Stacy   July 21, 2019  

If that is the next generation of crypto exchange, then I am a Queen of England. Seriously, that is the most simplistic and crude whitepaper I have seen lately. This is more like school children having fun, but definitely not a serious startup. I don’t know, maybe that is the way they do things in Asia, but from where I look at it, NEGEXC is just a laughing stock, not a real cryptocurrency project. They could have hired a decent writer to compile the whitepaper, at least, to bury the mediocrity under properly structured sentences.

Julianna   July 4, 2019  

The people at NEGEXC should really do something about the way they represent their project, if they don’t want to look like scammers, which I am sure they are not. Obviously, they have taken a bit of an irresponsible approach towards compiling the whitepaper, because it appears very superfluous. Yet again, if they are focusing primarily on the investors from Indonesia, maybe that amount of information will suffice since the project may have another means for self-promotion locally.

Bob   July 1, 2019  

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NEGEXC: Crypto Exchange Out of Indonesia NEGEXC stands for the Next Generation Exchange Crypto, a platform which, as the marketing message puts it, gives priority to the operational security and user-friendliness. The project team consists entirely of the Indonesian experts in the spheres of cr...

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