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I have been reading the Mosaic blog on Medium and I must say that these guys offered some really interesting bits of information along with a comprehensive analysis of some events that exerted an influence on the entire crypto industry. If their data gathering & analytical platform is as good as their blog, then I am certain the Mosaic will succeed eventually. Their team is solid and competent, but perhaps they need more viable partnership deals to really get this platform going.

Peter   September 26, 2019  

I think that the initial ICO craze, which saw people investing tons of money in the craziest projects in hopes of quick returns, has already died out. Now, the smart crypto investors have become more careful, picky, and, most importantly, much more fastidious. And even though Mosaic looks very promising on paper, I choose to refrain from investing in this startup right now, mainly because of the lack of a working product. Nobody wants to buy a pig in a poke, especially in the crypto space. Despite the pig looking really succulent, I hope you got the analogy.

Ava   August 10, 2019  

To tell you the truth, I am really impressed with the profiles of Mosaic founders, Alex Bradford and Garrick Hileman. Rarely do I see people with such a high level of competence and experience enter the crypto space, and that is Mosaic’s obvious strong suit. However, I am not particularly fond of the product that they are offering, due to the fact that I strongly believe that crypto trading, at this stage of its development, is more like a crystal ball gazing than the activity that’s based on a thorough analysis of various types of data. I am not implying that their data platform is not viable, it is just premature, so to speak.

Eugene   July 24, 2019  

Further, with such improvements, it is more than likely that additional investors will be encouraged to join the space and contribute to the global cryptocurrency industry. These are the projects that are likely to help the crypto sector enter the mainstream, and as such, they should be kept a close eye on, and encouraged as much as possible. Of course, investors should only support it financially if they themselves feel like it is the right thing to do, and only after thorough personal research, as always.

Zed   July 21, 2019  

The project is rather interesting and is bound to be helpful for new and experienced investors alike. Its product can be useful to everyone, as it comes at the time when the crypto space still exists in a rather raw form and needs simplification. This would not only improve user experience, but also the quality of the entire sector.

Fabio   July 21, 2019  

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