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Miracle Tele Reviews for May 2024

Miracle Tele Reviews Mag October 4, 2019
Pure scam. Till they were able to sell "pre-icos" payments were done, The less pay-ins were made, the more excuses they had. Stopped shipping sim cards and paying out with more demands for in-payments and excuses. now they are threatiening to close and forcing into weird and shady affiliate telecom schemes. keep away. I lost ton of money with them.
Miracle Tele Reviews juju September 12, 2019
The Miracle Tele application in Google Store already has more than 10 thousand downloads, which is a nice result for a fledgling project. Although it would be interesting to know how many of those who downloaded the app ended up being active users of Miracle Tele. Because that's what really matters. Also, I noticed that the app hasn't been updated since February 5, which is not a good sign because a new app would have required a lot of bug fixing and such. Besides, the user feedback on Miracle Tele is not that great, because many users complain about their accounts being blocked for no reason.
Miracle Tele Reviews Stella August 6, 2019
Miracle Tele indeed displays a clear vision of the telecommunication market and its problems. Moreover, the project offers a clear and precise business and revenue model for the company and for the users. They are licensed by the Czech Ministry of Telecommunication, which adds more credibility points. I reckon that they should have included a bar that shows the progress of the token sale so that everyone would know whether the project is going to reach the funding targets or not, and make their investment decisions accordingly. After all, we are in a blockchain space, where transparency is the key.
Miracle Tele Reviews Chris July 21, 2019
As far as I understood, the core of Miracle Tele technology stack is based on the Ethereum sharding features, which would be properly implemented only after the launch of Ethereum 2.0, which is ages away. Certainly, this upgraded version of currently second most popular blockchain in the world would probably take it to the number one spot, making Miracle Tele a genuinely innovative solution, but that won’t happen tomorrow or next year. While the project yearns for investment now. I think that I would play it smart and not rush into buying these TELE tokens.
Miracle Tele Reviews Kenneth July 4, 2019
Miracle Tele is pressing all the right pain points, but I think that they will face more than one obstacle on the way to the full realization of this quite an ambitious project. First and foremost, I think that they have set the hardcap way too low. $300 million is peanuts for a global project. Certainly, they may hope to get additional funding from the partnering companies in the future, but if they fail to do so, the project will most certainly go into oblivion, like many other crypto startups. Moreover, the core team doesn’t seem to have enough experience in this field, so I am wondering how they plan to achieve such a far-reaching goal.
Miracle Tele Reviews Toby June 18, 2019
If Miracle Tele is going to deliver on its promise to establish a low-cost mobile network on a blockchain, then I would definitely become one of its most active users. My professional duties involve a lot of traveling. Sometimes, I have to stay in one country for a prolonged period of time, so I always try to buy a local SIM card, because I can’t always find a Wi-Fi spot to make a Skype call, and that often causes a lot of trouble. Their revenue sharing program was the second selling point for me.
Miracle Tele Reviews Bobby April 6, 2019
This project looks super worth investing in! Miracle Tele has something to do with mobile broadcasting, which plays a huge role in the entertainnment that we receive on a daily basis. This ICO might be a big one, but I will wait to see as it gains its exposure to the rest of the crypto market and decide from there. If they can pull off their goal, then thats millions of users exposed to the Miracle Tele network, which could catapult it to a trillion dollar market cap!
Miracle Tele Reviews AWoods January 31, 2019
What do you think is worth investing in the project? Where to find information about owners, co-founders, investors? What stage of development is it at? I would be grateful for the information!

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