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Excuse me, but I didn't really get a grasp of the role that blockchain plays in this particular project. Their website doesn't contain virtually any information about the use of blockchain or their token - it's totally dedicated to the wearables. Sorry for ranting, but Loomia offers one of the most primitives use cases of this beautiful technology while making only a passing reference about it in their reading materials. The product - the Tiletag - is good though, but I can't call Loomia a real blockchain project.

W1$e1nve$tor   August 26, 2019  

It also lacks quite a bit of information about its ICO and token right now, but that might just be a temporary issue. In any event, it might be worth keeping an eye on Loomia, and following its further development.

Larry   August 15, 2019  

The project is certainly interesting, and it provides a valuable insight into potential use cases of blockchain technology. It has a decent amount of advisors, although only one of them is confirmed. Further, the project has a small team, where not all of its members are verified as of yet, which might be a bit of a red flag for some investors.

Stacie   August 15, 2019  

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