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Leondrino affords access to brand-specific currencies...well, that is interesting. Could someone name me at least one brand currency off the top of your head? I doubt that anyone would be able to do that since that are no such currencies yet. At least when it comes to the globally recognized brands. Besides, the crypto community doesn't care much about brands and their currencies because most of them would be dull stablecoins that offer no price action on the exchanges.

b0bby   September 10, 2019  

Did you see their team page? There are only photos, first names, and job titles - no links to LinkedIn profiles, brief descriptions, or even surnames. Isn't that a major red flag? How am I supposed to know that these people are up for the task? Sorry, Leondrino, even though the idea of managing branded tokens is interesting in its essence, it is not in my nature to entrust my money into the hands of virtual strangers. You should be aware of the importance of proper presentation of team members for the overall success of the startup. That is a grave oversight on your part.

Janet   August 6, 2019  

But, as mentioned, the idea is interesting, and the project aimed to become a bridge between crypto and traditional sector, which is something that many are still trying to achieve today. Bringing institutional investors into the crypto world still remains a struggle, however, mostly due to the lack of proper regulations and large volatility. In time, however, projects such as this one will help reduce the gap between the two halves of the financial industry, which makes them, as well as each of their contributions, highly important and valuable.

Karl   August 1, 2019  

The project had an interesting vision and a capable team, being the same one that has run the exchange for the past three years. Still, as we know today, XLEO did not exactly become a hit coin, such as BNB did.

Paul   July 23, 2019  

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