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There is no need for me to convince anyone here that Jullar is a shady project that is highly unlikely to come up with a real product. But the idea described by Jullar is interesting at its core. What if the crypto community had some kind of a relief fund for those bought sh*t coins and now don't know what to do with them. I agree that it sounds kinda utopian, but I really feel sorry for those who lost tons of money after buying these coins, so maybe that would help them.

DobbiezSock   November 30, 2019  

What's the point of exchanging some shizcoin for "small amounts of ETH" if one can easily do it on some backwater exchange, and probably get a bit more in return. If you got owned by the 2018 bear market, nothing will truly console you, especially a tiny compensation in Ethereum. Moreover, the prospective Jullar members should ask themselves what this startup stands to gain from buying bad coins en masse. I don't see any logic in that, apart from some shady dealings.

FortyN1nety   November 7, 2019  

Frankly speaking, I don't think that the "small amount of Ethereum" would be able to console people, the holders of shitcoins, who got burned during the 2018 crypto winter. There is nothing that can patch up that wound, except for the next altseason. Besides, Jullar's idea of paying compensation for worthless shitcoins is suspiciously altruistic. I'm trying to figure out where's the catch in all that. It's like rewarding losers just because they took part in the game - it just doesn't fit my logic.

1m$0rry   September 6, 2019  

Does it mean that I can buy tons of shitcoins and not worry about them burning a hole in my crypto portfolio? What a relief, no I can go all-in on some Noname project without any concerns! FYI, that was a sarcasm on my part, because it is obvious to anyone who has eyes that Jullar is one funny-smelling startup. It's like a bunch of guys was so bored out of their minds that they decided to come up with the silliest idea in hopes that someone would buy into that. And then they just abandoned it cause they got a job at McDonald's. That's really a story of Jullar.

Ellen   August 6, 2019  

Judging from the fact that the enormous number of people, who held altcoins and the infamous shitcoins, got ‘burned’ during the last crypto crash, it wouldn’t surprise me if Jullar will get decent traction. Those who are tired of waiting for the next alt season would be willing to get rid of them by any means possible. Too bad that Jullar’s website is currently inaccessible because I would like to get to know how they plan to relieve people of such coins. I am not the shitcoin holder myself, I place my trust only in top 10 crypto, but I am just amused by the idea offered by Jullar.

Ronald   July 18, 2019  

Judging from the fact that their website is not accessible, Jullar had run into some trouble over the course of the development of their project. They do have more than half a year left to do the token sale, so perhaps they will resurface at some point, though I highly doubt that it will happen. In any case, they came up with quite a curious concept of liquidating shitcoins, but I would like to know the real motivation behind such an altruistic idea. My guess is that they will be buying these coins for pennies on the dollar and then sell them on some backward exchanges, capitalizing on people’s frustration from seeing no return on their investment.

Linda   July 3, 2019  

I won’t be labeling Jullar a scam right away, but this project has “suspicious” written all over it. For starters, I can’t enter their website anymore, so maybe this project had already curtailed or something. But even if that is due to the issues with my broadband connection, I still have my concerns that arise from the inability to fully comprehend how Jullar will benefit from utilizing the shitcoins. No one in their right mind would take worthless currencies from frustrated investors, if they didn’t have some plan for their utilization. And I don’t see any of that from Jullar, so I’d steer clear away from them.

Debbie   June 20, 2019  

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