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Iryo Network doesn't offer anything which we haven't already seen. Over the years that I've been into crypto, I came across a number of blockchain project that tried to conquer the medical niche, but to no avail. These people need to understand that this industry is way too conservative and regulated for such progressive technology. Perhaps Iryo Network could be applied in private clinics, the management of which keeps an open mind towards these ideas, though it has no chance of reaching at least the European scale.

le0nard0   September 7, 2019  

However, the team doesn't seem to have a lot of medical experience by itself, which it appears to be trying to hide by listing its numerous advisors first. The advisors themselves are good, and the team knows what it is doing as far as tech goes.

UncleSam   August 26, 2019  

Their MVP is also missing at this point as well, essentially degrading the project to the state of a simple idea. As such, many believe that it will be hard for this project to reach even its soft cap of $8 million, which might be a bit too high, considering that the company is still in the early stages.

nephewBenz   August 24, 2019  

The project's vision is not unique, and there are many in the crypto/blockchain sector that are hoping to impact the healthcare industry in pretty much the same way. However, that doesn't make the vision any less good, since bringing such a change would definitely be beneficial.

LovelyRat   August 20, 2019  

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Iryo Network
Iryo Network

Blockchain technology's potential to impact, change and improve almost every industry is becoming more apparent with every new breakthrough. While there are numerous projects competing to provide a solution to numerous different problems, this is generally a good thing for the industries themsel...

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