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To tell you the truth, Injii has failed to convince me that their IAC coin has the scope of use that would have sparked my interest. I mean, you can use these tokens only to donate to content creators, store in the Ethereum wallet, and buy stuff at their online marketplace. Well, I already have tons of s***coins like that had sat in my wallet all through the bear market. And I really have no clue what to do with them now. Same would apply to IAC. Besides, developing streaming platforms is like selling yesterday's snow, it is just not relevant anymore.

fast&dumb   August 26, 2019  

I can’t argue with the fact that Injii pursues a very noble cause. I am really in favor of their idea of developing a streaming platform for creating content that touches upons different burning issues. Their solution concerning the donor vaulted smart contracts is also quite good. I would have eagerly supported it if I didn’t have to think about the return on my investment. In that regard, I think that Injii is not that promising. Unfortunately, I don’t have any spare funds to invest in projects that won’t pay me back relatively soon. Therefore, sorry Injii, as much as I regret it, but I will have to pass.

Joan   July 28, 2019  

So far, quite a few pieces of information are missing, so it is difficult to make a proper assessment of the project. However, it is obvious that its vision is quite noble, and the means of achieving it are modern and practical. The project has a good team, as well as a fair number of advisors, so it clearly attracts attention on that front. It is certainly one whose development is worth following.

Orson   July 21, 2019  

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Injii Access Coin
Injii Access Coin

At some point during the evolution of the internet - likely with the appearance of platforms like YouTube or Twitch - streaming became quite a popular online activity. Mostly, it is revolving around vlogs and online gaming these days, with thousands, if not millions of content creators rising up fro...

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