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Personally, I don’t believe in market prediction, at least not in the short term ones. Since the market is too immature, it is impossible to predict where the price is going to go next. Tone Vays, who is considered as a knowledgeable guy by some people, preached that Bitcoin had to drop to $1,500...right before the start of this year’s bull run. Maybe some sophisticated software is capable of doing that, though it certainly wouldn’t be Hivemind.

Megan   July 28, 2019  

The idea that Hivemind tries to sell should appear ridiculous to anyone who knows a thing or two about crypto trading. Even the most seasoned traders tend to admit that predicting cryptocurrency prices using data or technical analysis is hardly any more accurate than looking in an old crystal ball. The market is too immature and prone to manipulation, so all these “predictions” are usually worthless, or even damaging. Moreover, judging from the mess that is their whitepaper, guys from Hivemind doesn’t seem to have any idea of how to structure information properly.

Francis   July 9, 2019  

The idea of using the blockchain for storing information is as old as the blockchain itself, although the way in which this is done may vary, which gives some projects that have emerged for this purpose weight, as opposed to others. With that said, this particular project does raise some red flags.

Michael   June 6, 2019  

First of all, it has a serious lack of details, and even the country of origin is not announced. Next, it has no team listed, which is bound to alert anyone who knows how risky token sales are, and what to look for.

Jack   May 9, 2019  

There is also no MVP, while the white paper is quite lengthy and confusing, possibly designed to confuse investors. The fact is that the project is very badly presented, and lacks a lot of information. If it is not a scam, then its poor organization might discourage investors from participating. It needs to explain itself in a better, simpler way. If this does not happen, it is unlikely that many would invest, and they will likely be better off that way.

Oleg   May 2, 2019  

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