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Do I think that Herdius has an interesting technical solution, especially the one that concerns the assembler node? Indeed, they do. But do I reckon that this startup will become the talk of the town? Definitely not. Let me explain. First of all, the overall presentation of Herdius looks like it has been concocted by some college undergraduate, not a professional web designer. I understand that appearance is not of the essence, and it's the product that really matters, but I failed to find an MVP anywhere.

Trav1$   September 20, 2019  

Herdius, actually, is trying to address an problem whose solution is of considerable significance to the entire blockchain industry. The scarcity of functional mechanisms for cross-blockchain transaction makes the blockchain world develop mostly parallelly, but not cooperatively, as it actually should. The capability of operating across multiple blockchains will open the way for new opportunities in this space. Therefore, I think that Herduis deserves your attention.

Steven   August 8, 2019  

Apparently, two key members of Herdius have failed KYC on multiple platforms and did even bother to try and fix this problem. That speaks volumes about the project's credibility or the total lack of it. They did present the code of the Herdius protocol on GitHub, though I didn’t have time to study it yet, will get to that later. The overall concept is far from being unique, so I am sure that there are plenty of startups out there with similar ideas, but much stronger teams.

Jean-Claude   August 7, 2019  

Cross-chain transaction is a popular trend among the emerging crypto startups, so Herdius tries to occupy the right niche. However, their team roster is really not that impressive. The founder Balazs Deme doesn’t have any particular experience in building and managing a blockchain project. Basically, he is just a guy fresh out of uni who wants to try his luck in the crypto business. At least that’s how I see the situation. The rest of the team also doesn’t contain any names that bear significance in the crypto space. Therefore, I highly doubt that they would be able to attain the identified targets.

Doug   July 22, 2019  

As mentioned, the project currently lacks quite a lot of information, which is not that encouraging, considering that the ICO was announced about a year ago. The project is interesting, and definitely something that the crypto space needs - more capable DEXes with advanced technology and low fees. It has a white paper and a relatively good team, but it lacks advisors. It might be that the project has been abandoned, or that it advances very slow, as the alternative. It is certainly worth keeping an eye on, although caution is always recommended.

Patrick   July 19, 2019  

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