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Everything about Helix seems to be great. They offer state-of-the-art security, promises of superior scalability, and seamless interoperability. But then again, such an innovative product will surely come across a lot of bumps on the road towards the impeccable operationality. Therefore, regardless of Helix's appeal, I would approach it with caution, because most tech startups spend years before their product gets financially viable. If you have that kind of patience, then Helix Network might be a good place for your money.

Krippy   September 19, 2019  

I know that an abundance of smart words might make an impression on someone, but certainly not on me. Because I think not as a technician, but as a smart investor, who always calculates the chances for a substantial return on the investment. In the case of Helix, I would advise being cautious with this project. Even though the technology stack behind Helix is described vividly, there is no guarantee that this innovative solution would work smoothly.

Billie   August 9, 2019  

The rule of thumb for me when researching an up-and-coming blockchain project is to check the team first to see whether it is competent enough to put the idea into practice. One can write anything in the whitepaper - promise to conquer the space or something - but when it comes to the realization of set objectives, most projects fail. That is certainly not the case with Helix. The team is well-staffed, knowledgeable and experienced. I won’t go at length about the beauty of their tech solution, because it would take a couple of pages of writing. It is simply amazing, so I will continue following Helix closely.

Jeff   July 22, 2019  

Helix is a true discovery of tech-minded people. Judging from what I’ve read, their ecosystem is the real work of programming art. The way they offer to combine two consensuses: the Hare and the Tortoise, in the HelixMesh Protocol is just mind-blowing. To tell you the truth, I couldn’t sleep for hours after finishing reading their whitepaper. This is the most exciting blockchain project of the year, the team members of which really know what they are doing. So lucky to being given a chance to become part of Helix, because it will drive the future of IoT.

Debbie   July 6, 2019  

After getting myself acquainted with Helix, I have to say that their technological solutions are quite impressive, especially the one that concerns HelixNetwork and its combination of SHA-3 and Wintermitz. I would like to gain a more detailed insight into the Proof-of-Contribution algorithm because it seems like a fresh idea, though not disclosed well enough in the whitepaper. To put it short, Helix is one of the few truly tech-minded projects that will push the industries of IoT and blockchain further.

Ashley   June 24, 2019  

The project has a really good, professional team, although many believe that they should get more advisors, particularly in regards to the blockchain technology. The team's vision is also excellent, but it might be better to add some additional details, simply for the purpose of clarity.

Colin   June 24, 2019  

Apart from that, the project received more than decent ratings, and there are pretty much no red flags that would indicate that something might be amiss. It is certainly worth checking out, so any interested investor should do it, and study it carefully before participating in the upcoming ICO.

George   June 5, 2019  

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