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Only a fool would deny the fact that the government is the scourge of free people with its robbery extortionate taxes, total surveillance, and all other kinds of intrusion in our personal and financial lives - you name it. Therefore, there is no scenario where I could support a project like GOVEARN that wants to hand over the blockchain technology, one of the biggest tech gifts of today, to the government flunkies. They will start with the so-called "social programs" and then gradually corrupt this beautiful piece of tech.

Daughter of Anarchy   February 7, 2021  

The idea of establishing cooperation between the government and local communities might have worked elsewhere, in countries that are more pro-crypto, for example, Japan, Singapore, or Estonia. But definitely not in the United States. There is a superb creative blockchain community in the US, though the authorities are far from being open-minded. Therefore, I think that GOVEARN is going to be marginalized sooner rather than later.

Stacy   March 15, 2020  

Seeing how the government servant will figure out ways to work with blockchain initiatives would be hilarious, because most of them have just mastered the abacus. Jokes aside, there is nothing bad in trying to get the government involved in blockchain initiatives, but the effectiveness of such an endeavor is doubtful. Hardly anyone would argue the fact that the blockchain technology is tailor-made for the private sector, whereas the politicians are only putting grit in the bearings.

Maxwell   January 9, 2020  

I can't comprehend why a lot of people here get so agitated because GOVEARN intends to cooperate with (d'oh) local, and possibly, federal authorities. They have the same government that builds their roads, protects their sleep, and pays pensions or welfare. I get that politicians are mostly crooked and all, but it doesn't mean that the GOVEARN initiative can't be implemented within its structure. In any case, this project is designed to help the communities, not the governments.

BigBoot   December 13, 2019  

My world outlook stays true to the original nature of cryptocurrencies that have the mission of helping people discover a financial ecosystem that's alternative to the corrupt and decayed financial institutions and the governments that pull their regulatory ropes. For me, the prospect of bureaucrats using blockchain is like getting in bed with the enemy. Besides, this technology is still far too confusing and incomprehensible for the authorities, as well as the general population, so GOVEARN is unlikely to be perceived with enthusiasm by both parties.

PatTheRat   October 13, 2019  

Govearn proposes the idea that might sound sophisticated, but in reality, it is short of being ridiculous. I mean, we all have seen how "friendly" the U.S. government officials are towards blockchain projects when they lashed out on Libra for trying to push them slightly from the global financial flows. Besides, where's the guarantee that the government would be willing to cooperate with the citizens efficiently on any project. The government is defunct, and no blockchain will help in that regard.

RuleTheWorld   September 2, 2019  

The US and sanctioned countries are restricted from participation and all info on team is available on website and dozen external sources

HarveyQuinn   August 25, 2019  

In my opinion, the task presented by Govearn is infeasible, at least in the foreseeable future. Judging from the fact that the US government greets nearly all major blockchain project ‘with open arms”, I would say that this project is bound to stay at the local level for a long time, if not forever. Maybe if they tried to realize this idea in some other country - Japan or Estonia, for instance, - where the official stance of this technology is not as conservative as in the States, then Govearn might have enjoyed a relative success. But as things stand now, I highly doubt that the project will ever get a global recognition.

Jake   July 15, 2019  

With proper implementation, the system that GOVEARN tries to promote will serve as a prerequisite to much wider adoption of blockchain and associated services. It is evident that the distrust of governments is the single greatest impediment to the universal acceptance of this technology. The only thing that bothers me is the scarcity of information about team members. I pay particular attention to this aspect when deciding whether to invest in a project or not. I will refrain from devoting money to GOVEARN until I find out more about their team members.

Adam   July 1, 2019  

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