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It has been correctly noted that despite having a plethora of crypto companies that are involved in the digital banking sector, none of them have been able to deliver any substantial results as of yet. Perhaps GATS BANK will break this situation by establishing a really functioning banking network, but it is hard to predict their success at this point.

Carlit0oo   March 19, 2020  

How could people even think about devoting their money to the likes of Gats Bank when the regulators all around the world are ganging up against the blockchain/crypto companies that try to offer financial services. Needless to say that online banking is a pain point for the global financial establishment, so the chances that Gats Bank, or any other crypto banking startup for that matter, would succeed are slimmer than an anorexic fashion model.

Pyromaniac   February 11, 2020  

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GATS BANK (GATS) is another startup in the long list of blockchain projects that show promise but are yet to deliver the comprehensive digital banking system with a blockchain at its core. However, unlike other ventures in this field, GATS actually has some interesting features, which might set it a...

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