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I have already seen a plethora of projects that offered almost the exact idea that ENOD tries to push through. Their system might appear more sophisticated compared to the rest, but the main problem is that most people are not really fond of writing full-length reviews or even short feedback, for that matter. Regardless of how well-elaborated your blockchain network is, it won't be of any use if people aren't interested in supporting it.

PancakeKing   July 2, 2020  

All in all, it seems like an interesting project with not too many red flags, although each potential participant should research it for themselves before joining its token sale. There is still more than enough time to do so, so if you are interested in it, look it up and explore it further.

ico-searcher   June 29, 2020  

Allowing users to rate the content opens up a lot of opportunities for manipulation. Besides, I haven't grasped how their votes will influence the visibility of the content. I mean, would every user's vote be of the same weight or will there be the whales, who will swoop in and change the content ranking with a single vote? We have seen the second scenario on platforms like Steemit, which led to the gradual decrease of its popularity.

Terabyte_Head   March 5, 2020  

To tell you the truth, I don't see any point in the solution that ENOD tries to promote. Personally, I wouldn't want to help advertisement agencies and such to improve their operation by providing my judgment of the content or whatnot. It's enough that they harass my privacy with cookies and other data-gathering things, but ENOD wants me to help them improve on that! Thanks, but no thanks.

Quentin Lao   December 31, 2019  

The project is not exactly unique, as the same idea has been floating around the web for quite some time. However, it does seem to have a decent plan in mind, as well as a good team, although half of its members were not verified. The project also has several known advisors, and an available white paper, which also gives it some legitimacy.

why_not?   October 28, 2019  

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