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It appears that this project is approaching the failure line, based on the fact that ECOSC reached only 13% of the softcap with only three weeks of IEO left, unless some whale decides to partake at the last moments of the token sale. That has probably happened because ECOSC failed to realize that being an immensely conservative market, the oil & gas industry would be among the last to surrender to the blockchain technology. It's all about the trials and errors for the blockchain startups right now, so there will be plenty of similar projects emerging on the market.

phenomen   September 3, 2019  

ECOSC is the project worthy of attention. They’ve presented a well-compiled whitepaper which, however, would benefit from the inclusion of more in-depth technical specifications with regards to the blockchain architecture on their platform. It is of vast importance since ECOSC’s entire solution relies heavily on the use of blockchain. This brings me to the point that the project’s team also needs better blockchain developers.

con$tant1ne   August 23, 2019  

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ECOSC: Blockchain Solution for Supply Chain ECOSC is a blockchain-enabled solution for supply chain management designed to satisfy the specific needs of the fossil fuels industry. The startup uses the Ethereum blockchain to develop a platform that affords the opportunity for all actors to effic...

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