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I think that Drife will provide a new angle for the development of the entire taxi industry. This is probably the first project that tries to enter this field, although it was fairly obvious that this space needed a change because the quality of work, and the cost, of most taxi services left much to be desired. Certainly, there's nothing breathtaking about Drife, it doesn't offer us flying cabs or robot drivers, but that is probably for the best. Drife just tries to make the usual taxi drive much more transparent and efficient.

Ilari0000n   October 16, 2019  

So, DRIFE is basically Uber on a blockchain, but, please, don’t think that I’m trying to bash this project. In my opinion, Uber, and similar taxi services need a lot of improvement, especially in the department of drivers’ responsibility and punctuality. I hope that DRIFE will be able to solve that, along with other mentioned issues. The startup looks promising, though I would still like to see detailed plans regarding the entrance to the global market.

C0ll1n   October 7, 2019  

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DRIFE: Blockchain-Based Next Generation Taxi Service DRIFE is a ride-hailing platform developed by a team of Indian entrepreneurs and enthusiasts on the EOS blockchain. It was designed to solve the problems associated with the poor quality of taxi services and offer a unique value for drivers, ...

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