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Dinngo Reviews Lars August 7, 2019
I predict that Dinngo is highly likely to turn into a crypto exchange of a relatively small group of traders with low daily volumes. The reason behind that is quite simple: Dinngo doesn't have a single distinguishing feature that would grant it the edge over the
Just this week alone, I have come across two emerging decentralized exchanges which are more or less similar to Dinngo. Besides, I looked at their roadmap and saw that they are planning activities only through the first quarter of 2020. Personally, I don't like projects that aren't planning far ahead.
Dinngo Reviews Fabian July 21, 2019
I should say that I am not overly impressed with the user interface of the Dinngo exchange, it kinda reminds me of the 90s due to its simplicity and blockiness. Nevertheless, they represent the emerging class of decentralized exchanges which is bound to change the trading as
The cross-chain feature appears quite interesting, so does the smart matching engine. It would be great if they have elaborated more on the issue of regulatory compliance. These guys are from Asia, where regulators tend to be quite tough, as far as I am concerned. I advise you to keep an eye on Dinngo, just in case you’d want to have an alternative to Poloniex or whatever exchange you are currently trading on.
Dinngo Reviews Colton July 5, 2019
Dinngo has an all-round good concept, but it is hardly a unique one. As far as I know, there are dozens of decentralized exchanges that operate in a fashion that is similar to Dinngo, for instance, Shapeshiift, Changelly, and IDEX. However, I am not implying that Dinngo is not an
I am just saying that it will have plenty of tough competitors that already have a formed pool of users. Nevertheless, this project still has a chance to stand out from the crowd because, to my understanding, it is oriented mainly on the Asian users, who are customarily very active and crypto-savvy. So, if the team keeps on developing the exchange in the right direction, Dinngo will do okay.
Dinngo Reviews Alex June 24, 2019
As many have pointed out, this is not an especially new or surprising idea. The project may be offering a more secure way of trading, but it is not unique, and many others have come up with a similar principle. The project also doesn't make a clear point why investors should dedicate their time and money to this particular project.
Dinngo Reviews Pedro May 8, 2019
Meanwhile, cold wallets and high-speed trading were already adopted by numerous exchanges in the last few years. This may be after the idea was originally conceived, but today, there is nothing particularly special about this approach to trading
Further, it comes at the time when most traders are excited about the emerging DEXes, so another centralized exchange might not be what the crypto world currently needs.
Dinngo Reviews Oleg April 29, 2019
Still, the ICO has yet to be held, and it will be interesting to see how the token sale will perform. With the rapidly recovering prices — it is possible that enough investors might feel optimistic about it to actually invest and at least reach the soft cap.

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