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The project did not even seem like the real project judging by their description, but more of a loan from the investors, that would supposedly be returned once all the art pieces were sold. The project was either a scam, or it died a long time ago.

Ann   July 23, 2019  

The project raised so many red flags that it would not be surprising if no one decided to invest in it. There were no social media links, no KYC, their website was a simple Wordpress site with no SSL, and even the team was deleted from ICO-tracking websites.

Fred   July 23, 2019  

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The crypto prices are seeing recovery once again, with Bitcoin (BTC) once more crossing the $8k mark. While a number of analysts attempted to warn the investors and traders of Bitcoin's impending drop, no such development has occurred as of yet.

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Сryptocurrency CVIX Price Change, 24h
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Tether 1 $0.999100 -0.10%
XRP 90 $0.288200 -2.17%
Polkadot 86 $13.82 12.80%
Litecoin 72 $148.28 0.91%
Cardano 90 $0.313300 0.74%
Bitcoin Cash 90 $500.23 -0.82%
Chainlink 71 $18.95 19.16%
Stellar 89 $0.293700 -1.39%